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Finland Under the Dome: Finland’s Best Designers on Display

Finland Under the Dome: Finland’s Best Designers on Display

Don’t miss the Holiday Pop-up of Finland under the Dome this December 23 at Westfield San Francisco Centre on the fourth floor just under the enormous crystal Christmas tree. In partnership with Finland, the exclusive showcase has a variety of food, fashion, home decors, beauty products and apparels coming from the best rising designers from Finland.

The event features an installation with whimsical designs where visitors can wander around in and live entertainment with interactions. The pop-up aims to give the guests an unforgettable winter wonderland experience. Included in the showcase is a rotating show which will run from 4 PM to 6 PM every Wednesday and Saturday through December 23.

The founder and designer of London Fashion Week Mikel Rosen produced the installation with the help of Tekes Silicon Valley, Thuong Tan. The showcase has the full support of the Finnish government to commemorate Finland’s 100th year anniversary of independence.

The display is designed to present Finnish brands to the United States. It is important to note that the products are only for display purposes and are not for sale during the event hours. The products are available for purchase on each company’s website.

In fashion, a featured designer who participated is Aarikka. Aarikka represents the distinctive Scandinavian designs which are inspired by Finnish nature. Another designer to note is AteljeeSF who creates organic unisex clothes and makes them in California. Shoe lovers rejoice! MinnaParikka, the designer that produces shoes with a twist, is also in the event. The shoes are manufactured in Spain and designed in Finland.

Other participating designers to check are Formal Friday, Frenn, Gemmi, Golla, Halo from North, IvanaHelsinki, Jolier, LINDA Toye, Lovia, Lumi Accessories, Myssyfarmi, Ninaco, NomenNescio, Papu Design, Pisa Design, TAUKO Design, TerhiPolkki, and Ullac.

For designers under furnishes, we have Scandinavian textile designer Finlayson who displays a line of linens. Also, Secto Design who focuses on handmade wooden designer lighting fixtures with a Scandinavian feel is participating in the event. We also have Vallila Interior in the showcase. The designer is an in-house type who can capture and create the fresh Finnish flavor that the company fuses with its products such as rugs, wallpapers, and textiles.

Magisso who is an award winner on the solving various kitchen designs will be among the participating designers in the Functioning category. Magisso features thermal dog bowls and cake servers that supposedly cut the perfect slice. To know the secret of Nordic beauty that is considered to be natural and pure luminous skin, don’t forget to check the Lumene Skin Care. It comes from the Northern Finland rituals that make use of Arctic ingredients.

There are other designers worth checking out who is participating in functioning. These include the following companies Belightful Design, Framery, Goodio Chocolate, Hukka Design, JussiLahtinen, Kidemaa, LifeSaver, Oura Ring, Tespack, and TeemuJarvi Illustrations.

If you are interested, you can read more details about the event on Facebook. Feel free to check out Finland under the Dome as admission is free for all.

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