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Five Cutting Edge Marketing Concepts to Consider

Five Cutting Edge Marketing Concepts to Consider

In today’s hectic world, technology is moving at a faster rate in order to bring new changes into the market. Innovations and advanced tools are emerging on a daily basis. But sometimes, it feels incredibly overwhelming for marketers who desire to update data and tech experience for their clients. After analyzing the facts that are coming up to the marketplace, it’s become clear that hidden concepts in the marketing should be within your focus. As per the details of the reports, 2017 was a good year to start with the marketing campaigns. In the year 2018, the marketing strategies have evolved, but it will be a good idea to step back for a minute and assess the plan for success of the last year’s strategy campaigns to consider the same to improve your marketing concepts in the year to come. Overall, 2017 was filled with advancements and changes in the digital space, but there are few concepts to learn and consider as well.

  1. A demand for storytelling: keep it honest. Previously, brands were simply creating logos and using a few pictures to promote their business. Recently however, the trends have changed and content marketing has replaced the ways in which to define a brand. But the harsh reality is that in this fast-paced era, branded content is no more considered as a reliable option. Instead, brands need to thrive as well as grow in order to tell their stories by incorporating with new approaches that are linked with online platforms. As a part of the trend, businesses are making a blog to share their stories, and this helps in creating a platform to produce effective contents that are valuable for the readers as well as helps in promoting unique stories and motivating your branch. A marketing consultant Melbourne, Tokyo, or wherever you’re location will ensure progress and help in guiding your business to develop creative content that showcases your brand’s personality and uniqueness.
  2. Email newsletters: personal, but sharable. Email newsletters have always been a highly effective way to communicate with publishers, retailers, customers, and potential clients. Brands of all the kinds have already identified the advantages of email newsletters. They perfectly sit in the interaction of the email and content marketing and also add benefits or bonuses to the account to help the business heads in collecting the information of the users. Consider creating a strong email newsletter that people will react positively to.
  3. Augmented reality: a new vision for social media. Augmented reality seems to be a daunting task for many, but in reality it’s now considered the next big trend in social media. It was first pioneered by snapchat with amazing features and lenses and was adopted by Facebook and Instagram. These tools help organizations and businesses experience the reality inside the customer’s smartphone and are also present in their environment in a whole new way.   
  4. Live video. the reality is within you. The concept of live video is streaming all over the world. People are now more interested in capturing reality to grab the attention of the audiences for visual impression and to enhance a brand’s image.
  5. The graphics – lead factor of the business. Many organizations have already stumbled onto the field of graphics as it has the highest power to bring some impacts in your content and videos as well. A strong marketing consultancy can help you develop interactive graphics to tell your story impressively with advanced features and highlights.



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