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Five tips for remaining creative in advertising

Five tips for remaining creative in advertising


There are days where snoozing, running late and staring at the computer screen uninspired seem to be the theme of the day. It is not unusual. We live in high-pressure times where there is a sudden urgency to everything, including checking your phone when it pings as you respond to a time-sensitive email. When your mind is pulled in all these ways, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain creative. To overcome the funk, try these tips to get your brain to free flow.

Set time apart to brainstorm

If you are a content creator, you won’t always have the inspiration to come up with catchy and trending topics. It’s even so in technical spheres when dealing with things such as soffit or medication. To get past this, set time aside to fill your creative well. Read books, check out YouTube channels and Instagram pages that you typically would not visit. You can also throw in intellectual conversations with friends or just play. Write down everything that could turn into a potential article preferably in title form. That way, on days when you don’t know what to write about, you can refer to the journal for inspiration.

Catalog all brilliant ideas

Some fantastic ideas and equally crazy ones have come from dreams. If you wake up and think that whatever you dreamt about was genius, write about it. In those time where you wake up at 4 am, way before your alarm clock after having a thought, write it down. These thoughts tend to be fleeting, so telling yourself you’ll jolt it down when you wake up is deceiving yourself. Do the same in your waking hours. A journal or smartphone will do.

Create a vision board

Vision boards remind us what to focus on in a year or when doing a project. It would do you great justice to have one in a place you can see it daily. It realigns what to focus on. If writing a book is on the agenda, observing it daily will push you to take steps to do the same. It also creates the opportunity to question oneself: “what can I do to get me from here to there?” That opens a pathway to creativity.


Exercise is known to improve one’s mood, which makes you more likely to create than when you are feeling tired and grumpy. The endorphins that flow from your brain reduce stress and anxiety, so even the very idea of having to be creative for a task doesn’t drive you up the wall. When you do hit this wall, talk a walk or go work out. You’d be surprised how energized you will be when getting back to the desk.

Mind your circle

Uninspiring people will get you in a funk. You need people around you who will ignite the creative spark either through conversation or pointing you in the right direction. Being around creative people challenges you to be better in your thinking; you also get to learn their creative process and adapt gems you pick up to suit your personality

The road to creativity is not leaner. While these are helpful tips, find a unique concoction that works for you. It makes sticking to it easier.


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