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Flexible Packaging For Quality And Convenience

Flexible Packaging For Quality And Convenience

There are 5 common types of packaging used for the protection and transportation of products.

  1. Crates and pallets – to keep the goods safe until they are delivered. Pallets are used to raise the packages above and away from the surface of the ground they are sitting on to protect against dirt and moisture. Crates and pallets are mainly used for shipment. The materials for crates and pallets are usually wooden or plastic.
  2. Shrink Wrap – for wrapping around CD cases or loose notebook paper. It can be used to hold the packages together and provides the same protection when used as individual product packaging. It also gives the content visual appeal.
  3. Vacuum packaging – great for goods that need to be sealed, especially perishable foods. It is popular for dehydrated goods. It eliminates oxygen from the packaged food to keep out bacteria, mold, from getting bad, and stay fresh for longer period in the freezer. It is also used for medical materials.
  4. Preservation packaging – includes both shrink wrapping and vacuum packaging e.g. jar canning, aluminium cans, egg cartons and milk jugs to keep the food product safe, protected and fresh. Bubble wrap is used to cushion the products and provide them with impact protection during transportation.
  5. Shock mount packaging – for products that are extremely fragile e.g. electronic equipment or unstable chemical compounds. It protects the products from shock and vibration with its built-in shock absorption. It also protects from humidity, dust, and moisture.

In today’s food industry, food packaging technology is coming up with new and better options for consumers in the form of flexible packages. Flexible packaging is a lightweight product container. This form of packaging offers better and more beautiful branding options, improve product freshness, improved consumer convenience, and less waste.

Flexible packaging comes in various types of pouches e.g. pre-made stand up pouches and custom bags with re-sealable and without re-sealable designs, both for the perishable and non-perishable products. There are also slider pouches, side-gusseted quad seal pouches, side-gusseted slider pouches, and press-to close pouches.

Flexible packaging has progressed to the next level by going digital. Digital flexible packaging enables your products to get to the market faster and connect with consumers on a personal level. According to one of the best flexible packaging companies, digital printing of flexible packages provides high quality, attention-grabbing packaging. It also eliminates the expense of plates and inventory. Digital printing companies are able to personalize every package that is printed, laminated, formed into a pouch and shipped.

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