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Four Cannabis Jobs You May Not Have Considered

Four Cannabis Jobs You May Not Have Considered

As you will have probably realized, there are many new and exciting opportunities in the cannabis industry. This has come about by the relaxation in regulation of the various cannabis laws in different states right across the US. Many people just think the only job they could ever do in the cannabis industry involves just becoming a dispenser, but there are a lot more opportunities than that to consider! Here are a few cannabis jobs that you probably haven’t considered before, as recommended by

Grow Master

This is a job where you would be in charge of cultivating and caring for the different strains of the cannabis plant. If you are a particularly well trained and experienced Grow Master, your services will be much sought after. On average, an experienced Grow Master is likely to earn a six figure wage. It is also not uncommon for some Grow Masters to be given a percentage profit of the business. I’m sure you can realize how lucrative this would be!

Store Managers

As with any store, there is the requirement for a Store Manager. Recent research has found that some of the more successful Store Managers can command a wage of around $75,000 a year. There are also different bonuses available for these managers based on targets they meet over the year. Some stores in California often have sales in excess of $5 Million per year, so the bonuses will likely be quite substantial.

Extraction Technician

This is quite an advanced position which requires years of training, but if you have the necessary qualifications, a job in the cannabis industry will likely be waiting for you. Extracts are one of the hottest products in the industry, and so the need for more Extraction Technicians will grow in the future. An Extraction Technician can expect to earn six figures a year, so this is a well-paid position.

Bud Trimmers

For those of us who are looking for an entry level job in the cannabis industry, you may wish to consider the position of the Bud Trimmer. You can expect wages of $12 an hour for this job. The tasks include harvesting the cannabis and looking after the plants. This could get you a foot in the door, allowing you to build up your experience over time.

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