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Freelance Writing: A profitable home business

Freelance Writing: A profitable home business

Who would not love to earn money in a profitable home business? The benefits are right in front of you –set your very own hours, work just as much as you want, earn money without having to fight traffic or leave your house.

The question is – what is a good home business? If you are looking for good ideas for a home business, you do not have to look any further than your very own interests and abilities.

One of the hottest home businesses today is content writing. A good writer has a variety of means to create a home-based business based on their vocation and turn it into a lucrative career path.

Content Writing and Blogging

Webmasters and businesses have discovered what web surfers have known all along – content is king. The sites which get the big audiences–and attract big money making advertisements from affiliate plans–are the ones that have informational news, articles, and tutorials.

This high demand creates a flourishing market for freelance writers who work from the comfort of home. Turn your interests into how-to articles, personal reflections or informative articles on almost any subject you can imagine, and you will find individuals who’re looking to purchase what you write.

Additionally, you can develop your audience by starting a blog of your own. Building traffic is a feat of balancing both time and patience that takes months or years. As your organic website visits improve, you will find opportunities not only for affiliate marketing but also for sponsorships, native advertising, and more.


In case you possess top-notch and sharp critiquing and editing skills, a home business assisting to others improve upon their writing can be just the right business for you.

Sharp editors can suggest necessary changes to enhance copy. Companies are willing to invest top dollar for constructive feedback that makes their copy shine.

Got a college in your town? If so, you will find plenty of freelance work as a proofreader and editor. Students and professors alike do vast amounts of writing – and lots of it’s vital to their tenure and their careers.

They’ll welcome the services of a good editor or proofreader who comprehends the form and formalities of theses, theme papers, dissertations, and abstracts.

Depending upon the level of difficulty, you can charge anyplace from $1 to $5 a page to make grammatical corrections and fixing formatting.


Surprisingly enough, ghostwriting is among the best paying segments of the freelance writing business. It isn’t just celebrities who need someone to put their stories into words, either. Various regular individuals need you to write for their company, or they have a story they would like to tell, and they just cannot get the words put together coherently.

You will not get a byline, but you’ll get paid – and paid quite well, and isn’t that why you’re starting a writing business?

Profitable Home Business Opportunities in Writing are Abundant

These are only a small sample of home business ideas for writers. With just a little creativity and you could quickly come up with another dozen. Just keep in mind that writing talent isn’t enough. Indeed, writing is the easy part.

The real challenge of turning your writing into a home business is the beginning of the hard work. The payoff? It’s so worth it!



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