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From Going to the Bank to Cyber Banking All In 70 Years

From Going to the Bank to Cyber Banking All In 70 Years

The Kasikkornbank Public Company Limited bank in Thailand was opened June 8, 1945 with a registered capital of Baht 5 million and only 21 employees. Its first office is now just one of its branches. The bank showed great performance after only 6 months in operation.

70 Years

Through the past 70 years, this Bank has always endeavoured to advance its organization and offer financial products plus excellent service delivery to match its slogan, “Towards Service Excellence”, it was one of the first Internet Banking organization referred to as K Cyber Banking.

Internet banking

When Cyber Banking began, it felt like the go to thing for every type transaction. Never had a customer had access to account balances and making transactions while relaxing on a sofa at home. All that is needed is customer ID and the rest falls into place. If needing to buy anything, you immediately make a payment online and there that was, your transaction done. No waiting in line; all that is needed is your login IDs.

Mobile banking

Mobile banking is just the thing needed when you are on the move. With the absence of a laptop, your mobile app is the answer for every banking need. Be it a phone bill payment or a fund transfer, a mobile app takes care all basic utility payments which you once made several trips for. Mobile banking gives you freedom to make transactions at your place or time.

Mobile banking and Cyber banking are the same. The screens have been changed, the sizes became smaller and banking is much simpler. And Kasikkornbank is still working, “Towards Service Excellence”. From using checks, receipts and other information to K Cyber Banking with everything taken care of all the “paperwork” for you – all done in over 70 years.

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