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Get The Upper Hand Over Your Competitors With The Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Get The Upper Hand Over Your Competitors With The Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

As a business owner, you have probably heard the dismal statistics that only 50 percent of businesses manage to get past the five year mark, and the ten year mark is even worse, with only one-third making it! Although there are many reasons why businesses don’t succeed, one of them is a lack of visibility. If your organization is going to succeed, it is essential that it stands out from its competitors; otherwise, you will blend in with the rest of the penguins in the flock. While the majority of people understand this, statistics show that there are only a handful of companies who are putting it into practice. If you want to be amongst the one-third of businesses who make it past the ten year mark, you can start by using the Tekmetric auto shop software.

Be Extraordinary

The average auto repair shop is just that…… average! In fact, the majority of auto shops have got a terrible reputation for just being plain old inefficient. For example, they tell customers their vehicle will be ready on Tuesday, but due to parts not being delivered on time it won’t be ready until the following Friday. People almost expect this type of service, which is why they would rather use a garage that has been recommended by friends and family. However, you can stand out from the crowd by using the Tekmetric auto shop software to speed up your business processes. One of the features of the software is that it monitors your stock, so you know when you are running out of a particular product. This way, you can order it in advance, so that you can repair your customer’s vehicles on time.

Address Customer Needs

The worst thing a business can do is ignore the needs of their customers. Our auto shop software enables you to build a client profile so that everything about each customer is in one central location. There are some customers who have special requests, for example they might want their light bulbs to be of a certain hue. They shouldn’t have to tell you more than once,  since the information is already in the system, when they come into your store for the same service, you can say: “Ah, yes Mr Flint has a blue tint over his light bulbs.” This not only gives the company the impression that you care about their needs, but that you were actually listening to them instead of focusing on collecting payment.

Tekmetrics wants to help you to gain the upper hand over your competitors. You will be surprised how quickly you will grow your customer base with an efficient and effective service. We are so confident that our auto repair software will work for you that we are offering it FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of 2018! You can test drive our products and make a decision at the end of the year whether or not you want to purchase it.

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