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Getting Your Listing Available to Interested and Qualified Buyers

Getting Your Listing Available to Interested and Qualified Buyers

Mainstream real estate agents typically do not list or sell high-end properties.  Luxury real estate is marketed to a niche audience that is more than qualified and ready to make sellers a serious offer.

Because of the discretion used in these types of listings, you may want to rely on a real estate agent who uses extraordinary means to photograph, video, and list your home for buyers who have the capability to purchase your house.  You may get the fast sell you want by selecting an agent who is experienced in using mobile technology, drones in real estate marketing, 360 degree video views, and more when putting your home on the market.

Capturing the Finer Points of Your Home in Video and Photographs

Buyers of high-end homes want to know that they are getting a good investment for their money.  They want to know every nook and cranny of a property before they put down any money for it or even make a serious offer.

Rather than invite strangers over to your home, you may instead prefer to give them a bird’s eye view that will provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision about buying your house.  Drone photography and videography continues to become more commonplace in the real estate industry as well as other industries that demand accurate, timely, and vivid imagery.

A real estate agent who is skilled in using this technology can fly the drone over your home and surrounding property without actually having to step foot on it.  The drone will capture every angle of the property to provide a vivid and accurate view.

You can carry on with your normal routine without having to invite over people whom you do not know or even setting aside time to accommodate the agent listing your home.  The drone can fly over the home even if the real estate agent is not on the property itself.

The drone can also capture some of the finer points of the home, such as what kind of roof is on the house or what kind of fencing surrounds the property.  These details can make or break someone’s decision to buy your house.

Once people are interested in your house, you can then decide if or when to allow possible buyers onto your property and into your home.  The agent can be on hand during the showing so that you know the house is being described in its best details and that your house remains safe from risks like theft during the showing.

A qualified real estate agent can then use the imagery to list the house on the real estate agency’s website.  This virtual technology ensures that the listing is only available to people familiar with the company and perhaps have worked with the agent in the past to buy other properties.  You may expect your home to sell quickly because it will be shown to buyers with the financial means to make a serious offer and the cash needed to close the sale.

Luxury real estate listings need to be shown to buyers who have the ability to close the sale.  You can get yours before interested and capable buyers by using the latest technology to photograph and video your home with drones.

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