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Good for Team-Building: Planning a Group Retreat

Good for Team-Building: Planning a Group Retreat

There are numerous benefits attached to getting to know your work colleagues better, such as improved productivity and team spirit, which is why a group retreat might prove a useful tonic for your business.

Here is an overview of why you might want to plan a team-building trip, plus some insights on how to plan an event that universally appeals and everyone will enjoy.

A positive attitude

Let’s be blunt, the mention of a team-building exercise can instill an instant sense of dread in some employees who think that it will all be a bit dull and cringe-worthy with some of the things you might be asked to do as a bonding exercise.

It doesn’t have to be like that, and if you take a positive approach and put the emphasis on fun as well as putting everyone in nice surroundings you should be able to hold everyone’s interest and actually achieve the primary objective, which is to draw co-workers closer together.

If you are staying somewhere like the Tysons Corner Marriott that will help lift the mood when there are leisure options and comfortable surroundings, so picking a good venue is always a winning idea when it comes to organizing a team event.

Another good way of improving the success of the team-building event would be to get everyone together at the planning stage in order to invite suggestions on what sort of things you would all like to do so that you get a clear idea of what isn’t going to work as well.

Keeping everyone happy

When you are trying to get a large group of people together for a trip there are bound to be differences within the group when it comes to things like interests and levels of expectation.

It is going to be virtually impossible to give everyone in the group exactly what they want and your work colleagues all have individual personalities, meaning that some groups of people get on with each better than others.

Always consider the usual group dynamic that is in play on a regular business day and work on pairing people up with colleagues who they usually get on well with and would probably be happy to share time outside of the office with.

If you are going to splitting people into teams for the events planned it makes sense to create these sub-groups at the planning stage so that everyone has the chance to bond throughout the whole time away.

Allow plenty of time

Another issue that you would do well to address regarding planning a group event that involves traveling and also a number of scheduled events when you get there is to make allowances for the number of people involved.

Groups are always going to move slower and take longer to get where everyone needs to. Don’t make the schedule of events so tight that everyone is chasing around and getting stressed trying to beat the clock.

It’s much better to factor in a bit of extra time so that everyone stays in good spirits even when they are being ferried around from one place to the next.

If you want to enjoy a successful group team-building event it is not just about avoiding the tasks that everyone seems to hate, it’s also about making sure everyone is well taken care of and comfortable.


Mary Aaron

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