Graphic Design V/s. Web Design – Let’s Understand The Difference

Graphic Design V/s. Web Design – Let’s Understand The Difference

We often assume two phrases, “graphic design” and “web design” to be the same; however, that isn’t the case. If you have to choose a career out of the two, it is very important for us to know the comprehensive understanding of these terms.

What is Graphic Design?


Graphic Design is visual communication. Graphic Design involves creating graphics and giving them visual effects by adding images so that the idea can be presented in a graphics manner.

What does a Graphic Designer do?

Graphic Designers create visual effects to meet all the promotional and commercial needs very accurately and precisely. Graphic Designing includes designing of logos for big brands and big companies, commercial logos for advertisements, packaging displays, etc. Graphic designers create graphic designs.

They can create digital graphics which are then used for creating brochures for the companies, institutions, schools, etc. posters, banners or flex advertisements for branding. However, the graphic designers do not conduct any programming. They are thus responsible solely for making graphics which are used only for publishing, branding or advertisement.

A graphic designer should be well and completely versed with typesetting, adobe flash player, adobe creative suite, art direction, all types of material required for marketing and branding, etc.

What is Web Design?

As the name says, a web design you need to design for the web. You can rather call it a website! Web designing involves creating images and graphics just like you would do in graphic designing, but the difference is in the word itself. It deals with the designing of a website. This is quite tough than graphic designing as there are many restrictions a web designer will face.

What does a Web Designer do?

A web designer has many restrictions. To begin with, firstly we should all know that a website needs to run smooth and fast and above all, it has to run efficiently. This is the toughest of all tasks. If the website is not running smooth or efficiently then it hell lot of a task to do.

Just for this reason, a web designer has to use compressed graphics that sacrifices quality for good speed. A web designer almost has to turn the design into a website, which is working or running efficiently.

Web designers should be well-versed with computer languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, UI, etc. If a web designer has not studied these languages, then he/she will not be able to run any website. It is the work of any web designer to run any graphic into a website.

The Difference!

It is not too difficult to understand the difference between the two. Even a layperson can understand the difference just by its name. The major and the only difference between the two is the medium.

A graphic designer has complete freedom of designing what he/she likes but for a web designer, there are limited options. A web designer needs to be highly skilled with the languages required to develop a website and to run it efficiently.




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