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Here’s How Modern Accounts Payable Teams Work

Here’s How Modern Accounts Payable Teams Work

Modern accounts payable teams use the latest technology available to them in order to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of everything involved in the entire process of the accounts payable organization. Used to be, the cloud was just a fancy word that IT people threw around that nobody understood. How does automated AP fare against the usual archaic ways?

They Make the Cloud Work for Them

With cloud being more and more accessible to even those that just want to store photos of themselves, more and more companies are being open to modernization. Instead of companies having to constantly keep up with the modern processes that are not within their control, there are now software that can automate these things.

Due to how easy it is to leave a software up and running after the initial installation, having access to the cloud through manual and automatic means are no longer intimidating for an employee that just wants to finish their accounts payable tasks. Cloud-based automated AP always has the best solutions available to you.

More often than not, you are going to find yourself having to deal with people telling you about a great idea that they have that uses a feature from a future version of what you currently use. If you are not using cloud-based solutions, then you are going to have issues trying to implement that idea. When cloud is implemented, you get access to updates as soon as they go live.

Automation isn’t the only thing that you can look forward to when you modernize your accounts payable process. You are also looking at less overhead since you don’t have to keep a large in-house IT roster. You just have to ensure that the people that you have in the company are capable of maintaining the systems in place.

Errors are No Longer Common A Sight

Errors are what most accounts payable teams have to deal with on a constant basis. For larger projects, you are going to hear a majority of staff complaining about an error that the previous person who accessed the file had placed. Through automation of the accounts payable and its overall modernization, fewer errors are going to be observed, if any.

With automated AP, everything is checked multiple times by the system even if an employee manually enters the data. There are multiple stopgaps in place to verify if that integrity of the data is up to par with what needs to be checked. Due to this, you are putting less pressure and stress with your modern AP team since they know that the software has their back.

With less stress to the AP team comes even fewer errors since they aren’t working with a time frame that is impossible to meet. They can check regularly check on the invoices that are automatically captured by the software. As a whole, you can cash in on rebates that is beneficial to the short-term cash flow of the company.
An automated AP is essential to how an every modern AP team works. Nexus Systems offers a cost-effective solution that will make your business more efficient. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.


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