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How a Consultant Can Help Your Intellectual Property Case

How a Consultant Can Help Your Intellectual Property Case

An expert lawyer in intellectual property law has the function of advising his clients and defending them in case of legal proceedings. Intellectual property includes trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, and related rights. Here is all the information you need to know about intellectual property lawyers.

Which Cases Does the Lawyer Deal with Intellectual Property?

A lawyer specialized in intellectual property law handles cases related to intellectual property law.

In practice, intellectual property lawyers are often specialized in a particular field: trademarks, copyrights, new technologies, computers, industry, music, and so on.

As a reminder, there are two main branches of intellectual property law:

  • Literary and artistic property: copyright and neighboring rights
  • Industrial property: patents, trademark, domain name, designation of origin, models, etc.

Why Consult an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Intellectual property lawyers have a two-tier role. Firstly, one of their functions is to advise their clients on the rules related to intellectual property and define with them the best defense strategies for this property. This is a legal advisory role that aims to anticipate future conflicts.

At this stage, the intellectual property attorney can help his clients draft the intellectual property contracts (license agreements, etc.), to make the process of depositing industrial property titles (trademark registration, the deposit of patent, industrial model filing, etc.).

Secondly, the role of the intellectual property consulting lawyer is to defend his client in case of intellectual property infringement or if his client is attacked by a company.

You can, therefore, call on a lawyer who is competent in intellectual property in case of infringement of your trademark, in the event of a violation of your domain name, unfair competition, or simply if you need legal advice.

When to Consult a Lawyer in Intellectual Property?

It is best to use an intellectual property lawyer before any conflict situation.

If you find that a company is violating your intellectual property rights (patent infringement, counterfeiting, etc.), you should immediately consult a lawyer. He will first try an amicable negotiation. If this fails, legal proceedings will be initiated.

Then, as always, it is important to choose a lawyer who knows how to listen to you, who is available, who answers you on the phone when you call him. You will realize this during the first telephone conversation.

For the first appointment, remember to prepare your statement of facts in such a way that the lawyer understands the situation very quickly. To save time, prepare in advance the questions you will ask the lawyer.



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