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How a Disability Lawyer Can Protect Your Future

How a Disability Lawyer Can Protect Your Future

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are at work, the unexpected happens, and you can find yourself in need of a disability lawyer. Whether your claim has been denied, you are filing an initial claim, or you are suing your insurance company, your disability lawyer can help you fight for your rights and protect your future in several ways.

Insurance Companies Are Complex Creations

Insurance claim forms can be complex, and sometimes the claim is denied because the information requested is considered incomplete or requires additional elements. Because the forms are intricate, insurance companies can use qualifying wording or restrictive clauses to deny the claim. That is why experienced Iowa disability lawyers can help you understand the provisions of your policy and how to make your claim valid.

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Medical Evidence Is Not as Clear as You May Think

Your disability claim must be supported by medical evidence obtained by a licensed physician or surgeon. A qualified disability lawyer knows what medical information is necessary to support your claim, and what records can be used as evidence to limit your ability to work. Your attorney can help you ask the right questions and have your doctor run tests that support your claim.

Independent Medical Examinations May Be Biased

The independent medical exam is typically requested by the insurance company soon after you file a claim. The problem is that the independent medical examiner is paid by the insurance company and is often biased. Your disability attorney can help protect your rights and make sure the exam is fair, and you are not exposed to unnecessary tests or treatments.

Insurance Surveillance Can Be Mistaken

Insurance companies often instruct a private investigator to follow disability claim victims around. The PI may video tape your actions to try and prove you can move around easily. Your disability lawyer knows that your ability to work does not require the same level of action as moving around does, and unless you engage in some level of activity you should be unable to perform, your attorney can generally help you explain your actions.

Filing a Winning Disability Claim – With Help

If you have any questions about how a disability claim works, it may be in your best interest to contact a disability lawyer to help you work through the laborious process for proving and filing your claim. Remember, your attorney can help you meet deadlines that if you missed would force a denial of your claim. By working with a knowledgeable attorney, you can file a winning case.




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