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How Bottle Capping Equipment Is Important for Consistency

How Bottle Capping Equipment Is Important for Consistency

Regardless of the type of bottle capping equipment you use, consistency is the key to the entire capping procedure. Whether using a manual bottle capping machine, automatic, or semi-automatic, you want something that is satisfactory to the user. Why is this such a crucial matter? Who wants to purchase a case of soda and bring it home only to find that six of the bottles leaked soda all over because the caps were loose? Then, another few of the bottles you could not open with your own bare hands because the caps were so tight. More than likely, the next time you go to the store, you are going to choose another brand of bottled soda to see if you can find something more consistent and easier to use. Consistency in the capping method can mean keeping or losing a customer.

Benefits of Automatic Capping

In most cases, the automatic machines are the most consistent capping process due to automation setup. With an automatic capper, adjustments are made to the delivery system before running the entire production. Most use sorting bowls or cap elevators to put the caps on and make sure every cap is positioned correctly. If a cap is positioned improperly, it is rejected immediately and sent back through the process for proper positioning. Once the caps are on the bottles, they are torqued the exact same amount on every bottle. With this type of system, the automated capping machines produce consistency for each and every bottle.

Why Utilize Semi-Automatic and Manual Cappers

The semi-automatic machines are similar, except operators physically put the caps on bottles before they enter the automatic machine for tightening. The bottles still get the same consistency by the torqueing machine.

Last but not least, manual handheld capping equipment can improve consistency in the process as well. With the manual process, the operator puts the caps directly on the bottle and uses a capper to center over the cap. Triggers tighten down and seal the cap on the bottle. The main benefit of the manual process is consistency.

The end goal of bottle capping machines is offering consistent and nonstop seals on every single bottle going through the machine. The efficiency of the bottles is lost if not consistent. A wide array of issues can result from inconsistency such as leaking bottles, spoiled product, and even a loss of trust from the consumer. Without a machine offering consistency, bottles can suffer damage and loss to the company as well as the valued customer.




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