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How Eternalcoin Is Changing The Online Gaming Industry

How Eternalcoin Is Changing The Online Gaming Industry

The Global gaming industry has witnessed massive revolution since the advent of cryptocurrency in 2009. The industry has continued to expand in all fronts, leveraging the large youth population, increasing access to smartphones, as well as an improvement in internet penetration. Online card gaming provides a viable opportunity for players to earn a living. However, despite the prospect offered by the gaming ecosystem, so many blockchain-powered companies seem to be overwhelmed by the numerous challenges plaguing the industry.

Some of the problems militating against the development of the gaming industry are the issues of License, fraud, centralization, liquidity, high cost of operation, slow transaction, and constant spending. One company that seems very promising and has the potentials to solve these inherent challenges is Eternalcoin. Eternalcoin is a blockchain-powered online gaming platform that was developed with gamers in mind.

Before the team behind Eternalcoin launched the platform, gamers usually spent countless hours and in some cases money running into millions of dollars, yet, they got nothing in return. Eternalcoin saw an opportunity in the market and thus introduce its coin with the acronym “EIS”. With EIS, gamers can trade different cards and possess full ownership of the traded cards.  Plus, they have the opportunity to enter a tournament and win different prizes without the fear of fraud or cheating.

As a user of the Eternalcoin platform, you will be able to use the EIS token to pay for digital goods and services. The Eternalcoin platform is safe and secure, so there are no chances of losing your money. Plus, you will also benefit from the funds that would be realized from the IEO taking place on Latoken Exchange.

The IEO will begin from 20th May, 2019 and will end on the 10th June, 2019. The company is offering 195,000,000 EIS for sale to interested members of the public at $0.025 per EIS.  Accepted currencies are ETH, BTC, and LTC.

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