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How Inbound Marketing is better than Traditional Advertising

How Inbound Marketing is better than Traditional Advertising

More and more people, nowadays are driving  towards inbound marketing. This is because of businesses have started using  interesting content like videos, blog posts, infographics, white papers and much more to capture customer’s attention. Instead of using traditional practices that usually interrupt content, that people actually want to consume such as newspaper articles, Tv shows etc with advertisements specially to draw people’s interest. The latest trend of marketing includes the use of blog posts, ebooks and email campaigns to reach potential customers of business.

Customers are bombarded with millions of advertisements and brands also mentions every day, offline and online.  With the help of internet and social media, inbound marketing has become an efficient strategy for many businesses. It also proved to be better than any other alternative.

Here is a list of some of the important reasons, how inbound marketing is much better than traditional advertising.

  • It is Relevant

With Inbound Marketing, you create content that is most important to your audience as it speaks to their fears, hopes and aspirations. With your content ,you can entertain or inform your target audience which simply means they will pay more attention and will engage more.

  • It builds Strong Relationship

By creating and sharing valuable content to your target audience, you also build strong relationship with them. Your target audience opt into your content, this clears that you own your audience compared it renting them from advertisers. This two way communication allows you to interact with your audience to improve the relationship.

  • It is Measurable

Inbound marketing always generates results which are easily measurable. Inbound Marketing give you a daily report of how your marketing efforts are going  on to generate more website  visitors, sales and engagement leads.

  • It generates Thought Leadership

Inbound marketing allows a business  to clearly demonstrate its thought leadership and value to its target audience. Inbound Marketing is all about demonstrating rather than just telling. It is  essential to create, that credibility for success of your business.

  • It increases Credibility and Trust

Many buyers have shunned about traditional advertising as they do not want to get disturb by email or calls.  Buyers sometimes want to consume information at their own comfort. And, Inbound Marketing works on buyer’s terms and conditions. It is a direct yet more effective way to gain people’s trust and get into their minds at time of making a purchase.


To summit up, the above mentioned reasons  defines how Inbound Marketing is better than Traditional Advertising. Do you still rely on traditional advertising methods to increase your business exposure? Then you must be using a pay phone or probably rely on a pager. No doubt, Traditional advertising is still appropriate and is used in certain situation, but you cannot ignore the fact that inbound marketing represent the bright future of advertising.  



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