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How Lead Generation Is Improved With a CRM System

How Lead Generation Is Improved With a CRM System

An off-the-shelf CRM system can enhance the process of acquiring new leads and nurturing them so that the chances of a sale are improved. Generating leads can be the most difficult part of the process for a company. Therefore, investing in a CRM solution can remove the burden and modernize the process.

To fully understand how lead generation is enhanced with a CRM system, take the time to read the rest of this article:


Where is your target audience?

Internet is a big place, and the first step of acquiring leads is to figure out where your target audience might be. A CRM software can acquire data from open sources such as social media websites. Software such as bpm’online can handle this task at scale.

Further research is required to find out even more information about your leads. Implement forms, surveys and event registration to collect more data. With the help of a CRM system, you will be able to easily segment the collected data to make sure you deliver an important and valuable information to the target audience.

In addition to where your customer might be lurking, you also need to know when to contact them. A CRM solution can help you to accurately identify the best time to contact a potential lead to increase the chances of a conversion.

Mobile customer acquisition

In recent years, the number of purchases made via a mobile device has skyrocketed. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in a CRM software solution that can also help you acquire and nurture a lead on mobile devices.

Additionally, real-time reports should be used to receive customer-related data and shape the marketing efforts based on that data. You might only have one chance to convert a lead, so you need to make it count. CRM software gives you the best chance of converting the lead as the volume of info it can collect is vast.

Sorting data

Sending messages and emails to customers costs money, and the bigger list the bigger expenses. Customer relationship software can delete the duplicated entries from the list therefore saving space and effectively organize the data.

Irrelevant data can be the result of a human error, and a CRM system reduces the chances of this taking place. Also it can be the case that the leads have entered incorrect data. The software can detect this over time and delete it.

Incomplete data can be just as bad for your company as data that’s not accurate. For instance, if you have the email address, name and address of a lead, but not the age, then you are at a disadvantage. This can be corrected by reaching out to the lead and acquiring the missing information. Intelligent CRM solution provides you with ways of doing this that do not come across as invasive or annoying for the lead.

Trending Analysis

One way to get a step ahead of the competition is by taking advantage of trends to figure out how the market will change. By being the first in the market to offer certain products, your chances to successfully complete a sale improve. Additionally, it sets the expectation for leads that in the future you might also be the first to release new products.

CRM software helps to analyze the current needs of the customer so that their future needs can be predicted with no effort.


The process of lead generation can be automated and more effective when a software solution like bpm’online is implemented. Generating leads at scale requires accurate analysis, understanding market trends and repeat communication. The process without software would require a lot of manpower.

To save costs on generating leads, a CRM system is the perfect solution a modern company can use. For a new business, it allows for a quick entry point into a fierce market. It provides a company with the tools to take profit to another level and outperform competitors in any given niche.


A CRM system can improve lead generation, optimize customer data and analyze market trends.



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