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How to get more attention on social media

How to get more attention on social media

Custom printed tape is a great product to use to get your brand name out there. The more people get exposed to your brand, the higher rates of brand awareness and retention you will have.

Social media platforms are also a great way for brands to get their name out there. This medium will have higher reach since anyone online can find your content as compared to a smaller amount of people can potentially see your custom packaging tape. Linkedin is a great way to build your company brand.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people on this social media site that are not using it right. They think by just posting videos about business advice, they too can be a business influencer but it just isn’t adding much value to their intended audience. When you break down the amount of time people spend time on different platforms online, on average people spend an hour a day on YouTube, about 30 minutes on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. On average people spend about two hours a week on Linkedin and most people don’t even spend any time on there.

They tend to browse through their content fast and efficiently that is why it isn’t very realistic to expect a lot of people to engage with the post.

Video content is the way to go


The kind of content that is dominating the site right now is video content. Not many people care about clicking on a link and reading a long article. The short and to the point pieces of content are the way to go. Videos on Linkedin can last up to 10 minutes before people start clicking away. A great series for videos is to get influencers or known people in certain companies to answer a question to inspire and generate new ideas for people. A video series that is short and informative is key to acquiring a lot of views and engagement from the public.

Most popular types of posts


When you ask people what their favourite social site is, their answer will most likely be either Instagram or Facebook. Not long ago, everyone was convinced that images and visuals get the best engagement. Ultimately, this lead to over saturation and too many people where posting this kind of content. There is still some worth in only text based content but it has to be organized in a visually appealing way. It is best to keep it simple and even start a discussion with your audience.


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