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How To Hire Developer: Programming Interview Tips And Tricks

How To Hire Developer: Programming Interview Tips And Tricks

Hiring a good program developer is a tricky job but with some planning and insight in manpower recruitment, the task can easily be streamlined and ultimately productive.

One of the most important aspects of interviewing is to understand the ability of an individual: therefore when you will be interviewing you need to understand the depth of knowledge of the person concerned. For example, if you want to perform interview for hiring developer programmer, you need to understand the job pretty well. Therefore not only HRD skill, the interviewer has to be proficient in understanding programming languages quite well. The human quality, professional grooming, as well as command over programming should the basic requirement for the candidates. An interview needs to be designed in a way that helps in understanding the professional ability of a developer as well as his human character can be overtly guessed.

Decide the domain first

Hiring a developer is a wide ranging question. There are different options here. A programmer can be of various streams and each of these streams is different from each other. For example, PHP, HTML,.NET, SQL, JavaScript, C++, iOS, Python, Ruby, Android, etc. are all hot-in-demand programming language and there developers of this stream are enjoying huge popularity worldwide in niche industry. But industry demand and knowledge skill of all these different programming streams are absolutely different. So if you have to select a developer, you need to understand the domain first. Once you are sure about the skill set specifications you need to set your prerequisite qualifications.

Check the academic skill set first

One of the prime qualities of a developer is command over the programming language he has learned so far. For example, if you are about to hire a C++ program developer, you need to understand and estimate the skillset level and command over the language he has learned as his professional qualification. Interviewing and selecting a C++ programmer is tough as it is one of the hardest mainstream programming languages available in market for learning and there is good demand or developer who has expertise over the module.

How to set the screening process

The age, range and intricacy of the C++ language have tagged it as one of the toughest mainstream programming languages to learn. For obvious reason, while taking an interview, an interviewee needs to have adequate knowledge on C++ module along with some working experience, in order to assess the competence of the candidates available on board for the interview. Therefore it is important to include either some expert C++ programmer in the interview board or to get some set question to take a language test for all shortlisted candidates.

Once the candidates pass the initial screening/filtering test, they can face next level off interview. Meanwhile the candidate will estimate how much proficient he should have showed, and the company hiring developer for their different projects will get a preliminary idea about the programming language proficiency of the candidates. The assessment of C++ interview questions and answers need to be checked by experts or company may hire some expert HR service provider organizations to set and evaluate the answer papers professionally and sincerely.

The assessed answer papers can help in understanding the potential of the candidates and will help the interviewer to shortlist them for further assessment and filtering.

Professional test can streamline the job of interviewing

There are expert organizations that can help in streamlining the interview process of hiring developers. For example, Tests4Geeks is one such organization that offers expert screening test for developers and helps in finalizing a competent developer without hassle to take over the hiring concern.

The professional services set by commercial assessment companies are all online process and interviewees can attend the tests sitting at their personal place. The only condition is to have high-speed internet connection.

How the service works

This specialist services are meant for Company HR, recruiters, as well as for IT giants who want to complete their developer recruitment process at lightning fast speed.

Once the exam module is selected, interviewees will get a questioner containing a specific programming language related questions, and candidates has to complete the entire interview written part from their home after logging in a system. Once the exam is over, organizations can offer the meritorious candidates out of their exam papers.  After the candidate completes the test the answer paper is sent for assessment.

How the online size differs!

This is the way where more than one programmer can appear for an online test and completely attempt the questions. After assessment on this answer paper, HR head can decide if the candidates are suitably educated to go to the next level of developer hiring interview.

There are four major advantages for this online test arrangement. These are:

  • Candidates can appear for the interview and entry level screening test from their home: no need to travel to a company’s premise,
  • The company can save the obligation of special arrangement of sitting and offering screening test for all candidates,
  • The time for filtering the entire CVs gets short,
  • Turnaround time for selection gets reduced and that ensures better ROI for the interview planners.

Once the screening was done and a panel or promising developers is created, a company should start 2nd level screening for finding the best developer at almost hassle free manner.

Interviewing is an important part of hiring a competent developer. But before you take verbal interview, it is better to check the knowledge base of the candidates; it saves time for both the ends.

One-to-one interview session

Adequate knowledge cannot be the ultimate ticket for getting a job: accompany HR wants to find the ethics value and the commitment level of the candidate who will be joining the company as a hired developer. Therefore it is important to check these points before you take a final leap of selection: One to one interview session is one such step where HR generalists can assess a person and take their call for selection panel.

View the portfolio

 Viewing the portfolio is one of the most analytical processes of candidate selection and filtering. Every professional candidate maintains their professional portfolio where their professional achievements are found recorded. Once you have viewed the professional portfolio of a candidate, it becomes easier to read a candidate and to decide if he is best man to be hired in your developers’ team. A few general recommendations from portfolio analysis:

  • It is better not to hire job hoppers,
  • It is wise to select a family man no matter if he is married or unmarried,
  • A candidate must have a social profile where the friend circle and affinity of social networking can be arranged.
  • Salary expectation  from the successful candidates needs to be clearly understood,
  • Project handling experience or technology knowledge is a prerequisite.

Viewing portfolio along with academic knowledge assessment is a sure shot parameter for assessing knowledge as well as for human value of the candidate. Besides knowledge base, it is equally important to have work ethics and strong moral character.

Take the candidate out of the comfort zone

One of the most useful tips to judge an interviewee is to take them out of their comfort zone. This can be done by asking them some questions which are out of the box, somehow creative, analytic, and sometimes a bit perplexing to bring out the person inside. These questions are not planned and treat them as rapid fire session. Some of the specimen questions are:

  • Any preference for learning new skill? If yes, what’s that and why?
  • What is the hobby? How it helps in staying positive?
  • What is the plan for near future? How they react in a negative situation?
  • What had been the most challenging project done till date? What made the project challenging?
  • What new technology he will be looking forward to using is similar project if he gets it in future?
  • What changes in industry he will be expecting?
  • What is his roadmap after 5 years?
  • How he will be estimating his senior‘s shortcomings in a positive way?

These are some of the questions that help an interviewer to guess the person inside the interviewee. This is important for adding a team member in developer’s team. Lastly these out of the way questions will help you in understanding the level of positive approach in a candidate, which is again an important trait to judge a person.

Now comes the last part of the screening process. According to some of the finest recruiters in the world, her three phases can be set. These are:

  • Testing real world skill of developers: a coding test can be arranged and shortlisted interviewees will have to take part in it.
  • Finding their team mentality because a project is a teamwork and it has to be done within a stipulated deadline: ask the candidates to play a short game and watch their way f interaction with the team members.
  • The repercussion of getting surprised! Ask the candidates to handle an unusual technical glitch, which is not related to their job directly. Do not expect any outcome in general but check the reaction of the people. The right person will try to solve the problem before raising his voice.

These are some of the handy but effective tricks and tips for testing developers to judge their potential.  In fact, these are general way to judge a candidate when he has successfully displayed his professional ability and authenticity in his skill set assessment.

Online programming tests are reliable way to filter potential candidates and streamlining the successful ones for next stage of interview, and this process is getting popular due to its multifaceted benefits integrated.





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