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How to Increase Productivity in Your Business                    

How to Increase Productivity in Your Business                    

All small business owners want to keep their company alive and thriving. There might be many factors that contribute to the success of a business. Your employees are one of them. The happier your employees are, the more productive they will be and that’s exactly what you need to grow your business.

Every now and then, you must stop and evaluate the performance of your employees. Productivity is something that does not remain consistent. It rises and falls. You can make the most of your undermanned team with these help of some productivity-boosting tips.


  • Give them the flexibility they need


The University of Warwick published a study that says happy employees are 12% more productive. The more content your employees are, the more they will outperform. One way of investing in the happiness of your team is to offer them a flexible work environment. Give them the option of choosing their own vacation time, telecommute, and offer them flexible work hours. With this freedom, they will not just be happy but give their best to your company.


  • Invest in employee development


When the work routine becomes monotonous, most employees find themselves discontented. You must address this right away. The best way to fix that is to offer them development opportunities. Help them develop personal and professional skills.

Maybe offer them a new responsibility for a trial period or send them to attend a work-related conference. Make them feel confident that you are invested in their personal development as well. Such employees tend to be more loyal to their organization.


  • Offer them perks


Companies such as Facebook and Google understand the importance of job satisfaction very well. They have created massage rooms, complimentary haircuts and nap pods for their employees. The Glassdoor Survey says that 4 out of 5 employees prefer perks over a raise. If your business can’t afford to offer what other tech giants are offering, no worries. You can offer them perks like these:

  1. Give them a monthly stipend for buying books
  2. Give away free ski passes
  3. Offer them free movie tickets
  4. Get them a gym membership


  • Reduce distractions


Distractions such as social media is a huge productivity killer. That doesn’t mean you introduce a no-phone policy in your organization. Just make sure they are not distracted when they are supposed to work.

You can encourage them to turn off their smartphones but allow them to take regular breaks to check their phones or take phone calls. Whenever they are spending time working at their desk, they must be productive.


  • Improve the work environment


While a positive work environment has a huge impact on productivity, a hot or cold environment can too. If your employees spend half of their time walking around to get their coats or turning on the fan because it’s too hot, they won’t get anything done. Depending on the weather and season, make sure the work environment is comfortable for everyone.


  • Encourage self-care


Do you know the most common reason why employees call in sick? It’s stress. Some employees do show up but they are constantly in mental and physical stress. That makes them less productive. Even if a few members in the team are stressed out, the entire team losses.

You don’t want your workforce to burnout. All workplaces have stress but not all of them help their employees manage stress. If that’s something you can offer to your employees, they will appreciate it big time. You must encourage your employees to practice self-care. A good way to start this culture is to promote communication.

Listen to your employees and offer them constructive feedback. Give them meaningful challenges and establish parameters for success.


  • Provide them natural light


This might seem unrelated but it certainly has an impact on productivity. Artificial light can be agitating. Of course, you cannot turn off the lights because everyone has to work. But you can always come up with ways to include more natural light in the office environment.

Set the desks near the windows. Don’t block the natural sunlight. If the location of the office is such that natural light cannot be accommodated, there is still a solution. Use bulbs that produce yellow or orange light.

What are you waiting for? Boost your employee productivity today

Engaged and happy employees are the most productive employees. Just put yourself in the shoes of your employees and ask how you can improve the company’s culture to boost productivity. Start from there. Take baby steps and measure the results.

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