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How To Setup A Business In Netherland

How To Setup A Business In Netherland

In present time in the world there are many business ideas that have found their way to success. The world is full of possibilities and the mediums to convert them in realities. No one knows whose business idea can go revolutionary. If you in Netherland think your idea can grow to a big business then you must hire a tax consultant. There are some rules and legal criteria for starting a business in Netherlands. In this country, you can take help from tax advisors to stay away from the legal work’s stress and focus more on your business.

There are many formalities: You first need to take the permit. These permits are the permit of Dutch residence (MVV) and work permit (TWV) for outsiders. To take permit you have to deal with IND and its requirements. If you are a member of European Union states then you are free to do business there otherwise you have to take resident permit from the immigration department. Then you have to register your business for which there are many legal documents to be deal with.  You need to show your business plan and that how your company is going to provide profit to the Dutch economy. These plans are reviewed very thoroughly and you must keep in mind when making one.

Setting up a company: After completing above process then you have to take the BSN or Burger Service Nummer from the local municipality after getting registered there. Then you have to mention whether you are going to setup a limited or a non limited liability company in the form after passing all the IND requirements.

Companies with

Limited liabilities:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited partnership
  • General partnership

Non limited liabilities:

  • Private limited company or Dutch BV
  • Public limited company or dutch NV
  • Cooperative or foundation

Setting up a non limited is cheaper and easier than the limited company but you if you go bankrupt your personal assets can come in danger.



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