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Get Organized: How to store your business records and files

Get Organized: How to store your business records and files

Since the turn of the millennium, we have seen fewer and fewer documents on desks. More and more businesses convert to electronic data. Accounts payable sheets, contracts, expense reports, and many other documents are stored in the computer. There are still companies that keep their records on paper, finding it a lot more secure. Paper-based business processes are both useful and necessary. Eventually, the paper starts to pile up. With all that clutter, its’ hard to be productive. As a business owner, you have to straighten out your records and files. If you don’t know how to organize your paperwork, try these simple tricks.

Create file categories

The records and files can be stored in many ways. For instance, you can keep them in a standard filling cabinet. There is no better way to archive documents. The desks should be clean. The last thing you need is a messy desk. A messy desk makes it impossible to do anything, so use the filling cabinet. A filling system will get your records and files organized. You won’t have trouble managing clutter. Create a filling system that you will actually use, preferably one based on categories. Set up the right files in the right category. The filing system will be unique to your business, so the list will be designed for your specific needs. You can use business divisions and functions as the base for the filling system. Start off with one or two functions, such as administration, finance or marketing.

Use a storage unit

Sometimes, the space just can’t keep up with the demand. If there is no more room in the office, then you should think about renting a storage unit. A storage unit provides extra space, which is exactly what you need. A 5-by-5 foot or 300 square foot storage unit provides you an effective way to store sensitive business documents. Storage units aren’t only for document storage. If you like, you can accommodate inventory, decorations or janitorial supplies. Start decluttering right away. Determine which records and files you want to place into storage based on how often you access them. Make sure that the offsite location offers security and climate-control.

Use productivity tools

You use apps and tools every day. It only makes sense to use technology to organize your business records and files. There are many apps and tools that can help you systematize your paperwork and, consequently, be more productive. If you have gaps when it comes to the filling system, then you should definitely take advantage of technological advancements. Productivity tools help you with everything from contact management to meetings and communication. When it comes to the documents that aren’t destined for offsite storage,    it’s a good idea to utilize smart apps and tools.

In spite of the fact that we live in a digital world, paper filling hasn’t disappeared. At least, not for the time being. Organizing records and files shouldn’t be complicated, but it is. If you use the abovementioned tips, your life will be so much easier.

Mary Aaron

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