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Human Resources Primary Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources Primary Roles and Responsibilities

Businesses needed HR professionals for the smooth functioning of their organization, ensuring the business receives full cooperation of their staff and employees alike. This is where most HR roles and responsibilities were limited to in the past.

But in recent years, with the technological advancement and a huge paradigm shift in the world of business with firms starting to view their employees as much more than just resources and adopting a “people first” approach, trying to keep their employees motivated and productive, the traditional roles and responsibilities of HR have changed dramatically.

This means that Human Resources can no longer be seen as just an appendage of a company, but instead a crucial field in ensuring organizational success.

What Are the Now the Main Responsibilities of HRM?

  • Administrative responsibilities and executive objectives:

With most traditional administrative tasks like paperwork, documentation, hiring and preparing payroll handled efficiently by automated software and artificial intelligence, HR professionals are inclined more towards strategic planning and development for the organization and its employees.

Though fulfilling executive agendas and ensuring that the common objective of the organization is being served is still a major role of human resource, they have a lot more scope and reach in terms of their plans and projects.

They are often seen as business partners, valuable consultants and assets to the business, engaging in strategic partnership and business objectives which propels the organization forward.

HR Consultants contribute to the business by offering strategic services such as designing various work positions, rewards, recognition, strategic pays like incentives along with performance assessment, development systems, succession planning and employee development.

  • Advocates for employee:

In the past, the employees and staffs regarded Human Resources as the cell that investigated and speculated on their every move and reported them to the manager, resulting in statutory warnings which could lead to firing. For this reason, most employees dreaded the HR department.

But in recent times, the HR manager has been credited with creating a safe and conducive work environment, wherein employees are always willing to work and give their best.

For the organization’s overall success and sustenance, it is essential that the Human Resources Team decides to advocate for and serve as the voice of the employees, instead of functioning against them.

Through effective and innovative methods such as realistic goal setting, team building, employee assistance, talent and skill management and providing equal opportunities and empowerment to all, the HR professionals facilitate a healthy work culture where employees are committed, driven and inspired to carry the organization forward.

  • Harbingers of Change:

It is the responsibility of any modern HR professional to be the bearer of new changes and policies in the organization, at par with the current trends and the statistics.

The HR professional constantly evaluates the effectiveness of old rules and proposes the establishment of new ones if the objectives are not met.

Both knowledge and expertise to execute innovative strategies for the development and growth of the organization is one of the foremost qualities of the Human Resources and it must be exercised rightfully.

They must be aware of all the hidden problems and issues within the organization such as gender disparity, sexual harassment, hostility, racism and take rightful action against it, even to the extent of bringing out new changes in rules to tackle these issues effectively.

In the last decade or so, HR roles and responsibilities have proven to be beneficial for the organization and accelerate it to great heights. These modern HR professionals are an asset to the company and are leaders in their organizations, sponsoring the mission, values and objectives that the organization stands for.



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