Important Things That Employment Recruiters Need to Know

Important Things That Employment Recruiters Need to Know

There are many things that employment recruiters at Frontline Source in Houston need to dobefore theyhire anyoneas a Frontline temp or temp to hire employee.There are tools and resources to assist recruiters in both hiring and retention stages of the onboarding process.

Interviewing and resume

First there is an interview to go over the person’s skills that are listed on the resume and talk about what the candidate’s interest in a position is. This will enable testing on the skills that the candidate will need to know.For example, if you are asked by a client to find someone with accounting skills and the candidate you are interviewing is looking for an accounting position; skills to test the candidate on should include:

  • Database/Spreadsheets
  • Accounting programs
  • Typing and Data Entry

There are many tests that an employment recruiter can test on but you need to test in the area that the person will be working in. The total list includes:

  • Operation Systems
  • Art/Graphics
  • Web publishing
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Word processing
  • Database/Spreadsheet
  • Human Resources Clerical
  • Presentation software
  • Desktop publishing

Specialized testing

This is known as specialized testing. Specialized skills testing by an employment recruiter establishes better-hiring decisions. Frontline Source Group team of professional recruiters use skills testing programs that are designed to test the candidate’s performance in any software programs which they will need to have accuracy and efficiency in.


In the example for the candidate who is being interviewed for an accounting position, testing should begin with QuickBooks and other accounting programs, typing tests to evaluate speed as well as accuracy. The candidate should also be tested in Microsoft Office since these programs are used in almost every business office – especially MS Word.The operating systems that every candidate should know and be skill tested in are the ones that are wide-ranging among all industries with MS Windows being the one most used.

No need to test on other areas

So, a candidate looking for an accounting position doesn’t need to be tested on any Legal programs. A good employment recruiter should be able to know which tests are important for each position they are working to fill, how to set up the testing and ability to give accurate instructions to the candidate on all tests.





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