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Important Tips for New Freelance Writers

Important Tips for New Freelance Writers

There are many perks synonymous with working as a freelance writer. In addition to making your own hours and determining the size of your workload, you get to work from the comfort of home and cast off the trappings of the nine-to-five rat race. That being said, there are also a number of hardships many freelancers face on a daily basis. Randomly losing longtime clients, working against multiple deadlines and answering to a wide assortment of editors are just a few of the less desirable aspects of the freelance writing game. Although many freelancers are able to settle into a comfortable groove, reaching this point can often take years. With this in mind, writers who are new to freelancers should put the following pointers to good use.

Be Amenable to Making Changes to Your Work

When working as a writer in any capacity, you’re going to encounter people who request revisions to your work. Regardless of whether or not you agree with these revisions, it behooves you to make them. Your clients know what they want, and if you fail to meet their expectations with your first draft, it’s your responsibility to correct this. While it’s true that some revision requests are unreasonable and/or a direct results of clients not being upfront about their criteria, a good freelancer will acquiesce to the demands of the person paying them.

Being amenable to revisions is particularly important for newer freelancers. If you want to build up a sizable client base, you’ll need to prove your dependability and display a willingness to take constructive feedback in stride.  

Submit Invoices in a Timely Fashion

You’d be hard-pressed to find a client who relishes receiving an invoice long after a job has been completed. Most clients prefer it when freelancers submit their invoices posthaste, as this gives them ample time to process payments. As a general rule of thumb, submit each invoice no more than 48 hours after completing a job. This will provide clients with enough time to assess your work and determine whether any revisions are required. If you’re looking to streamline the invoicing process, why not create your invoices online at

Don’t Take Deadlines Lightly

One’s ability to meet deadlines will prove vital to their success as a freelance writer. Whenever you agree to complete an assignment by a specific date, that deadline should be treated as sacrosanct – barring any unforeseen emergencies, of course. It’s no coincidence that writers who consistently ignore deadlines and submit late work are unable to hang on to clients.

Provided you’re able to find consistent work, freelance writing can be a fun and rewarding profession. It’s important to note, however, that most freelancers don’t find success overnight. Building up a steady client base and forging lasting business relationships takes time, so anyone expecting to make a name for themselves in a matter of weeks is guaranteed to be disappointed. On the flipside, if you keep your expectations realistic and heed the advice provided above, you’re liable to find the world of freelance writing very enjoyable.


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