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Improve a Fish Farming Results With Oxygen Generator

Improve a Fish Farming Results With Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generators are able to improve overall results of all fish farms that were not using them before. Below you will find out some details about their functions.

These generators can be used in different environments and have various purposes. One of those is a fish farming generator that supplies water with additional oxygen. It helps your farm to operate normally and to grow progressively. There are several models that serve the same purpose, but actually the floating aquaculture oxygen generator represent the best one. In fact, this model supplies the water with a large amount of oxygen, and it overcomes the other types with its capabilities. Choosing the right generator is definitely connected with the size of a fishpond. Those floating generators are certainly better for larger farms. They use the pressure of its paddles to pull oxygen into the water, and they do this quite efficiently.

Driving oxygen from the air to the water stops spreading harmful bacteria and improving faster degradation of organic waste. That way, oxygen creates new food for fish, and the entire fishpond becomes healthier. It approximately takes 3 to 4 hours for the generator of 1,5 KW to change one hectare of the surface area.

The oxygen generator will definitely improve fish’s living conditions and the overall quality of the water. That is why it is so important thing. The lower risk of potential diseases due to the decreasing of all kind of bacteria will make a fishpond a safer place for living beings inside of it. With the increase of the production, the profit will also grow, and that is certainly the most important thing for every business on this planet.

 How It Works

The main part of this generator is its electromotor that moves paddles which supply the water with the oxygen. When it works properly, the paddles are always partly or completely under the water. During the process the paddles are cutting and throwing water, making strong pressure. The water is pushed down from the one side, while freely moves back from the other side at the same time.

The paddles significantly increase the circulation of the oxygen under water and it dissolves faster. Besides, another very successful device is a high purity oxygen generator. But there are many differences between those two types.

High Purity Generator

The high purity oxygen generator creates pure oxygen from compressed air with a complete stability. This type is also considered one of the best currently available because it is very efficient.

The high purity oxygen generator is definitely more advanced and modern than the model above. It works as an advanced system and creates oxygen by the double molecular separation process. The system separates all other components such as argon, pollutant or nitrogen and leaves only high purity oxygen, which is later transferred in the water. There are different versions of the high purity oxygen generator, and the most efficient are definitely the newest ones.

The manufacturers always improve some capabilities, following the technology development. Also, there are other types not mentioned here, and some of those work fine, while others not so fine. The market is large and it has many interesting things to offer. And the oxygen generators certainly improve the productivity of fish farms, so all should have at least one.


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