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Inspire Your Team With The Labyrinth Challenge

Inspire Your Team With The Labyrinth Challenge

Any business, company or enterprise succeeds only because of the focused efforts of the entire team towards the achievement of a single goal. If there are issues between teams and they are unable to move forward cohesively, it will reflect in reduced worker’s productivity and performance. The ultimate impact is on the company and its prospects. It is for this reason, many companies are focusing on organising team building activities, and events that help bring cohesiveness in a team. The activities act as a catalyst and help create highly relevant great value, socially responsible team building experiences.

Let us discuss a few of the prominent corporate activities that have been successful in fulfilling its purpose. The sole aim of these activities to help employees coming from different backgrounds, skills, experience, and capabilities come together and move ahead as one strong team.

The Labyrinth Challenge

The Labyrinth Challenge is one of the most exciting and fun-filled activities that offers a lot of fun and excitement to the participants. The activity has one of the biggest inflatable challenges of the world. It is almost 1000ft long and has five zones with different activities. Each zone is unique in the activities and challenges planned for the participants they are expected to complete. There are a variety of interesting and exciting obstacles like hurdles, corkscrew, giant bells, balance beams and a lot more that challenges participants at every level. If a company is looking for an activity wherein all employees can participate together; it is a perfect activity. As many as 400 contestants can participate every hour and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation from the day to day stress of office activities. It is incredible to see how people who are very reserved and shy come out of their shell and have great fun while being part of these activities. It seems they lose their inhibitions and feel light-hearted.

It’s A Knockout

Another activity that is quite popular among corporate clients is It’s A Knockout. This activity can accommodate 20 to 2000 people easily and help them discover their true self while participating and overcoming a variety of obstacles planned for them. The event planning and management companies come with an exciting selection of games that are custom-designed to make it all the more exciting and interesting. A variety of costumes and props are also used along with a compere who keeps guiding participants to complete their hurdles. A PA System with music keep the participants suitably energised. A sense of healthy competition can be seen among them. It seems any ideas or thoughts of envy, jealousy or strife among them seem to melt away and they come together as one team.

The companies organising these activities for their employees stand to gain a lot in terms of improved employee morale, great team bonding, increased worker’s performance and a focused company moving ahead together as a single unit. Look for a reputed and renowned event planning and management company to organise these events for the best results.




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