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Interesting Things a Crawler Crane is Capable Of

Interesting Things a Crawler Crane is Capable Of

Most people are familiar with cranes lifting materials from one place, typically on the ground, to another place, typically high up. The visual of a crane lifting I-beams or pipes to a skyscraper is a common one in most people’s minds.

That said, crawler cranes, those apparatuses that essentially involve movable crane on tracks for repositioning, can do a lot more than simply I-beam lifting. Here are some of the more interesting things a crawler crane can easily lift or reposition to higher heights:

  • A crawler crane can easily lift another crawler crane higher up, making for a two-station lifting process to even higher heights and doubling the effective distance of lifting.
  • Installing giant wind power fans. Have you ever seen those giant, modern windmills or windfarms from the highway? They get installed by crawler cranes. It would be simply too expensive and dangerous to try to do the same by helicopter.
  • Need a boat moved? Yep, crawler cranes are regularly called upon to move boats in and out of the water as well from one channel to another in congested water traffic areas.
  • An essential part of oil rig construction. Crawler cranes positioned on a barge have been known to be used for oil rig and in-water construction more than once.
  • The second covering of the Russian nuclear disaster site, Chernobyl, was assisted by crawler cranes, providing critical distance help in moving the bigger cover over the radioactive spill site without people getting close to the exposure and risking harm.

These examples above are some of the more extreme uses crawler cranes have been put to, but they can do a tremendous amount of work for your construction project and far more tradition uses.

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