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Is it possible to become a full-time blogger in 12 months?

Is it possible to become a full-time blogger in 12 months?

That’s a good question. Isn’t it?

Surely you want to find out how to become a full-time blogger as well. If you are already blogging, you are most likely interested when you will be able to achieve this.

Since we do not want to beat around the bush in this article, we will also give you an extremely good answer.

You get the answer in the following 3 facts!

1.Many think they will succeed in 3 months:

The fact is that many people are looking for quick earnings these days. Blogging is certainly not a quick way to earn money. We have to work hard before we get to first earnings.

So do not be naive. You need to know that if you want to become a full-time blogger, you will have to work hard. You may need 12 months or 24, 36, or even 48.

Yes, exactly. You heard that right. We can be blogging for 4 years before reaching our primary earnings. This is a work where nothing is promised, since blogging is not an employment, but business.

2.You cannot do it without education:

If you want to become a full-time blogger quickly as possible, you will need to pay some attention to education. You must know that work itself is not enough. When it comes to blogging, the right direction is important, not speed.

Many beginners, start blogging incorrectly. We all make mistakes in the beginning. Time passes quickly before we learn through our experiences what we need to do when blogging and what not.

If we do not want to spend time unnecessarily on our mistakes, we must educate ourselves. We simply do not have other option. People with the right blogging skill achieve great results. Meanwhile those who do not possess the knowledge, cannot succeed in blogging.

Bloggerfor is a great site that you should definitely visit if you wish to find out more about blogging. You can learn a lot on and therefore become more successful in blogging.

3.Do not be disappointed if your first blog does not make money:

If you want to become a full-time blogger you can definitely succeed. You may succeed in 12, 24 or 48+ months. How fast you will succeed depends on your knowledge and motivation to work.

It is most important that you are persistent. You need to know that blogging will not always run according to plans. Then, it will be necessary to find motivation for further work. As long as you work, you have the opportunity to get your primary earnings through blogging.

Only you can stop yourself. Only you can continue or stop working. Many people today abandon blogging when they encounter an obstacle. Of course, people do this because they do not enjoy this kind of work.

If you enjoy it, it will not be a problem to persist. There will be no problem even when you realize that you have already created 7 blogs and none of these have been successful as of yet. If you’ve come so far, why quit?

Many of today’s successful bloggers succeeded because they persisted long enough. Among them we have people who have been able to get to the primary earnings in 1 year, while others did it in 4 years.

That’s exactly right! We cannot expect to become a full-time blogger with our first blog. Nothing is so simple in our world. All of us are learning from our mistakes all the time and slowly make progress.

This is an integral part of blogging, which we cannot avoid.

That’s it! Now it’s probably clearer in what time it’s possible to become a full-time blogger!



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