Is There a Difference Between an Online Insurance Agency and a Local One?

Is There a Difference Between an Online Insurance Agency and a Local One?

When you first look for a new insurance quote you may feel a little bamboozled.  There are hundreds of different agencies and brokers seeking to get your business.  You can choose to have a quote at your local insurance agency or to choose from one of the many online agencies.

This will almost certainly lead to the question of whether there is a difference between the online Hudson insurance agency and the local one:

Online Insurance Agency

This is an exceptionally easy way to obtain insurance.  You will need to visit the insurance agency site and enter all your details; including the details of the item you wish to insure.  You can then click on the quotes button and take a sip of your beer.  Within a few moments you will be presented with a list of different insurance possibilities and their associated price.

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You can complete this process at anytime of the day or night and, if you wish to, can even proceed to take out the insurance.  This is simply a few more clicks of the button and usually involves paying the initial deposit.

One of the greatest advantages of an online insurance agency is that you can take your time to review and compare each quote.  In fact, many sites will have a built in comparison tool that allows you to see the features of the different proposals.

The Local Insurance Agency

This is generally more difficult in that you will need to visit their office within their standard working hours.  This can be difficult if these are the same as your working hours.  However, a local insurance agency can offer a number of benefits over the online version.

In the first place you will be dealing with an individual.  No matter how good the internet program is it will not be able to adjust its search for a wide variety of other factors.  These can include existing policies, changes in circumstances or even your needs.  A local insurance agency will know you and can tailor your quote to suit you; potentially saving you funds in the process.

Visiting a local insurance agency also provides you with the opportunity to discuss the policy and have any questions answered; face to face.  This can be extremely beneficial if it is a complex issue and needs explaining several times.

You may also be surprised to find that a local insurance agency can provide you with more quotes than your online version.  This is because they will know which insurance companies are best suited to your needs and what deals are currently on offer.  Despite the additional costs of running an office a local insurance agency can actually save you money!

If you have the time it is worth taking both options into considerations.  If not, then you may wish to use an online version of a local agency; this will provide you with an actual person to talk to if needed for any reason.


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