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Larson&Holz – overview of the service of copying transactions from a broker

Larson&Holz – overview of the service of copying transactions from a broker

Today, we will look at some of the features of the additional services of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Namely, copying transactions of the best traders of the company, and beyond. The service itself is not new. It is found in many brokers. But the functional of the service is completely different. Starting with connecting to the servers on which the trading accounts are located, and ending with the moment of execution on the client account. Well, Larson&Holz did not limit itself to its own servers, and now it is possible to connect to most popular servers through the Larson&Holz broker. This gives customers a solid advantage, as now not only traders of the company are being copied, but also the best traders in the world who have passed various selections and filters. On the official website of the company you can find the best managers not only according to the company version, but also the full rating of other specialized communities. So, let’s start with what Larson&Holz offers. To fully familiarize yourself with the list, you need to go to the show-window of traders in the corresponding section. Going into it, we see a list of traders whose trading accounts are filtered by default. But in addition, they can be filtered by growth, by means of a trading account, by growth, limited by a time period, by the number of open and closed orders, and by the activity of a trader who manages a particular trading account. But what is characteristic, the novelty of the service from the company Larson&Holz is that it is possible to copy transactions even from those trading accounts on which trading advisers work actively. A few words about this, as this function has undergone significant changes. Until recently, automated trading was not subject to copying, in order to protect customers. It was forbidden by most similar services. This is not surprising, because according to experts, it was trade advisers that in most cases led to the collapse of trading accounts. To a complete loss of money. Not partial, but full. But time does not stand still, and now most of the advisors work on reliable algorithms. After the check, automated trading was allowed, and also allowed to copy transactions from such accounts.

What is really interesting is that the client, by connecting to the trading account of a professional trader, gets access to the archived account data. This time of its opening, and the history of transactions for the entire period of the existence of the account. If the customer’s story suits, he can start copying at any convenient moment. But it should be borne in mind that Larson&Holz does not work with copying demo accounts. This is really an extra function, since it does not bring real money to the client. Agree, what is the use of copying transactions on a demo account. Moreover, for this no one has any responsibility. You can lose money several times a day. Benefits from this no. To copy transactions you need a real account. We will not explain the registration procedure, since this is a standard procedure. But after registering an account it is necessary to open a real trading account, and replenish it with any desired amount. But here it is necessary to bear in mind that managing traders work with large amounts. So on the client’s trading account there should be an amount equal to half of the manager’s deposit. I’ll explain why. Each manager has his own methods of trading. Some adjust the level of the foot. Others prefer to sit down. By the way, in the filter there is a preferred level of drawdown. Well, a prerequisite for high-quality copying of transactions – the trading terminal should be constantly open. With a closed terminal, the transaction can not be opened.

And now let’s look at the managing trader in detail. Going to the page of any manager, we see statistics and a description of the trading account. The growth of the account, expressed in percent. That is, the received profit for all time of trade. Next comes the initial deposit of the managing trader, and the profit received. You can also learn the history of replenishment and withdrawal of funds. And in the end the level of subsidence. This is what they pay attention to first. Absolute, maximum and relative. Relative drawdown is expressed as a percentage, and reflects the level of drawdown at a given moment. The lower it is, the better. Absolute and maximum drawdown are expressed in the account currency. Well, the number of subscribers who copy the transaction at the moment. On the right is a graph of profit growth. More precisely, the ratio of funds to the total balance of the deposit. Switching to the tab – history, the client can watch the closed transactions of the manager. And also his open deals. From history you can understand how much order was opened, what kind of trading lever the trader used in the past, and what is used now. Time of opening of orders, and time of their closing. In general, all actions that occurred and occur in real time. The chart itself has 4 tabs – a growth chart, a balance sheet, a schedule of funds, and a schedule for allocating funds to the account.

In principle, the company Larson&Holz has tried to simplify the service of copying by providing data on each trade account. Negative accounts are not reflected in the list.



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