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Leading Shrink Wrap Supplier Discusses Biodegradable Shrink Wrap Film

Leading Shrink Wrap Supplier Discusses Biodegradable Shrink Wrap Film

A leading shrink-wrap and L-sealer machine supplier, Sontex, has recently updated their blog, discussing everything that everyone needs to know in regards to biodegradable shrink-wrap film and today we are here to recap, understanding the importance of the topic.

Everything you should know


Many shrink-wrap machine suppliers claim to sell biodegradable shrink-wrap film however; the truth is that there is no such thing as biodegradable shrink-wrap. This means that many shrink wrap companies in the UK and across the world ae completely misleading their customers and clients!


What is biodegradable shrink-wrap film, and what is it supposed to do?


For shrink-wrap films to be completely biodegradable they would have to be able to fully decompose in the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms under natural conditions, producing biomass, Co2 and water. However, no shrink-wrap films are yet able to do this meaning that there are not yet any biodegradable shrink-wrap films available.

What about degradable shrink-wrap films?


Many people mistake degradable shrink-wrap films for biodegradable shrink-wrap films; however, these are two different things. Degradable and oxo-degradable materials are no more than polymers derived in the normal way from oil where special additives have been added. This means that although degradable shrink-wrap plastics can break down slightly, their molecular structure is still maintained and there is no change in their chemical compositions.

Sontex can help you!

Whilst there are currently, no biodegradable shrink-wrap films available on the market Sontex promise to start selling them as soon as they become available and are therefore the best shrink-wrap supplier for companies in the UK to use. The company already sell a whole host of high quality, recyclable shrink wrap films including films made from polyolefin, polypropylene and PVC, with options perfectly suitable for absolutely all intentions.

Not only this, but the company have been within the industry for a long time and understand everything that there is to know about shrink wrapping and shrink film, therefore if you need a professional to assist you in determining the best shrink wrap for your individual needs and requirements you should call their team today who will no doubt be delighted to help you.



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