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Leading The Path Of Charity- Loftin’s Involvement With Social Work

Leading The Path Of Charity- Loftin’s Involvement With Social Work

There are so many critical problems the world is facing these days. From economic crisis to the social problems- the world is revolving around a vast number of crises. There are not many people who can afford to think about their own lives as well as the others. Not everybody becomes willing enough and not everybody has the means to do so. This is why today’s world needs some people like Peter Loftin. What is so great about Loftin? The interesting thing is that he is a great successful business man and in possession of a heart of gold. Following are some examples of his great charity works.

Selling of part of BTI for the sake of buying Casa Casuarina

Born without a silver spoon in his mouth, Peter Loftin managed to establish one of the greatest telecom organizations known as the Business Telecom Inc. or BTI. Gradually, the whole establishment became so successful that Loftin was awarded the title of the ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year’. With so much competition in the same field, BTI managed to rank fifteenth all over the world, in the area of telecom organizations. At the same time, Loftin contributed a huge amount of economical help to the performing arts centre at Raleigh. He was the only one to take such note of the condition and to contribute singlehandedly to this great cause.

Even though BTI was very much successful and Loftin was the Chairman of the Board, he sold a certain amount of it. This is to buy a villa in the Miami Beach, named Casa Casuarina. The apparent motive was to transform the hotel into a magnificent luxurious boutique hotel for the purpose of serving the celebrities. When one thinks deeply, he will be able to realize the inner aim to buy a place like this. The main goal was to employ the local young people for the sake of improvement of the economic situation.

American Red Cross and some other charitable works

Apart from urging people to participate in the foundation like American National Red Cross, Peter Loftin served as one of the reputed members of the Board of Governors of the Red Cross, after the tragedy of 9/11. Through his official website, he also asked people to join and contribute for the sake of this great purpose. Apart from this, he also supported the American Lung Association, the Duke Heart Center at Duke University Medical Center.

Apart from these known organizations, Loftin also established several other foundations and has been doing a great amount of social works. One of such establishment is the Oak Ranch. The organization is meant for the troubled young people who are underprivileged.

Make-A-Wish Foundation also received great support from Loftin. During the post 9/11 days, Loftin became one of the major donors to the SOF or the Special Operation Fund. The fund was established to support the college education of the children of the deceased Tier 1 soldiers. These are some of the greatest charity works done by Peter Loftin which can be recognized as awe-inspiring.


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