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Learn 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Insurance Agency’s SEO Strategy

Learn 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Insurance Agency’s SEO Strategy

Like most other website owners, one of the greatest challenges you face is getting traffic to come to your site. The most common method of generating traffic is getting a high ranking with Google, Yahoo, or Bing, hopefully landing on their first page and then moving as high as you can. Given how many people use the Internet to shop for insurance, successful SEO is crucial to the success of your insurance agency.

When you are in the insurance game, though, you should know that are possibly competing with hundreds of other sites, and maybe even thousands. With everyone vying for the same few spots in the search engine ranking positions, you need any edge you can get in terms of search engine optimization. Fine-tuning your site and SEO strategy might not be the first things that come to mind, but adhering to the following five steps might just improve your site and situation enough to get more search engine love and attention.

Step 1: Look Over Your Website’s Design And Layout

You might think you already have a website that looks impressive. If you’ve focused on this, or paid someone else to, then it might even be true. Still, your website might actually be the culprit behind your lackluster rankings. Look at your copy. Does it start in the top half of the page? Or is it further down? That can make it harder for search engines to figure out the focus of your site.

Another factor to look at is your graphics. If they’re oversized, they can impact your page loading speed. Extraneous white space between lines can also hurt you. Fortunately, it’s not hard to make page tweaks that get things right.

Also, make sure every page makes it obvious what your contact information is, and if possible, a rate calculator that consumers can use. A call to action or other related elements are necessary for turning any online traffic into actual conversions, which is the end game of any SEO strategy for insurance agents. So many insurance websites do allow for online quotes, that if you don’t, you’re just making it too hard for prospective clients.

Step 2: Verify The Strategic Placement Of Keywords Across Your Site

Keyword stuffing is something you should either avoid or correct if you’ve already done it. It’s truly detrimental to your rankings. Then again, a lack of keywords is equally dangerous.

There was a time you could just rely on keywords in your title and meta tags, but that day has come and gone. Now, you should have an appropriate percentage of keywords spread throughout your articles and copy. Whatever your critical keyword is on a particular page, try to put it in hyperlinks, headlines, and the first paragraph of your text.

Local SEO is always a good idea when it applies, but even more so for the insurance sector. You don’t want to compete against every other business offering insurance online, so focus on the markets you serve, be it at a city level or statewide. For instance, if you offer insurance to consumers in the city of Smithville and the state of New Hanover (fictional examples of course), then focusing on keywords like “insurance Smithville New Hanover” will more closely match the search strings local consumers are using.

Step 3: Create A Good Sitemap And Text Links

It’s not enough for a search engine spider to find just part of your site. You want it to find all of your individual pages so it sees your entire website. This is how you get indexed effectively. When all your pages point to a sitemap, and your sitemap has links to all of your inner pages, a crawler can follow this trail of breadcrumbs to find and index all of your content.

Another great habit to get into is having a navigational menu using text links, since search engine robots can also follow these to find, identify, categorize, and then index all of your various pages. On-page SEO proves just as crucial as everything you do off-page.

Step 4: Backlinks That Balance Quality With Quantity

If you’re wrestling for a high position in a very competitive niche, then you’re going to not just need backlinks, but high-caliber ones. Ideally, some of them are going to be PR 6 or 7, if not all of them. The secret here is great content, because it means other sites are more willing to link up to you, since it improves their own website credibility.

If you’d like to kill two birds with one stone in terms of content, create pages that answer spoken questions. A growing number of online users are just asking their smartphones or home devices direct questions verbally to initiate searches, and often the only result that gets returned to them is whoever Google has decided as worthy of being the featured answer. You’ll get more traffic and content shared for backlinks if you create pages that answer specific questions.

That can take time to accumulate though, so it’s also a good idea to do some active searching on your own, finding potential sources you can personally request links from. In the modern realm of SEO, quality is going to prove more important than quantity any day of the week when you’re looking for a better site ranking.

Step 5: Stay Current With The Search Engine Rulings

Search engines are notorious for frequently changing their rules. As such, it’s imperative that you stay current with what’s going on. You might know SEO professionals who have full-time careers following the field and mastering it, but you don’t have to put in that kind of time. A multitude of blogs and forums are online with regular updates and information about the latest search engine changes.

Join a relevant source or just subscribe to an informative newsletter to keep up with the changes that are happening or on the horizon.

SEO can be complicated, but when you follow these five steps, you can improve the search engine rankings of your insurance agency.



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