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Learn The Ropes Of Online Reputation Control

Learn The Ropes Of Online Reputation Control

With the onset of social media and increase in e-commerce, more and more brands or companies are promoting themselves on such social media sites to get more exposure and appeal to the masses and communicate with them directly thus leading to more customers and more sales all within the reach of one’s computer with a good broadband connection.

If you are new to all this, you are probably overwhelmed by all this and don’t know where to start or what to do, fret not. What you need or rather what you are looking for are digital marketing and online reputation control. All the big brands you see like Nike, Addidas, and Gap, etc. all have reputation management team to handle their social media profiles and brand image and of course they take care of their digital marketing aspect of their business as well. All your online reputation repair solutions and digital marketing can be met by, where a team of reputation experts is led by Tyler Collins, armed with SEO skills and helmed as the digital marketing genius. He is also the author of the book Mechanics of Online Reputation Management, which allows you to have an easy access and learn the ropes of online reputation control.

Problems That You Are Likely To Face

  •    You are likely to see a drop in your sales once your brand’s image is tarnished. Sometimes a specific industry may have acquired a bad reputation which may create problems for the company which is trying to make it from within the industry.
  •    In any case, if your brand received media coverage, it can either be advantageous to your brand or even be damaging. If it receives a negative media coverage no matter the exposure, the media will no doubt be promoting the negative image of your brand so in that case, it is very important to monitor public relations to check what other articles are being written by other bloggers, journalists, authors and what and where are they being published.
  •    Since the internet has allowed any person with a writing skill, a platform to write and express their opinions and views. Sometimes it is used to such an extent by rivalling companies, where the intent is downright malicious, leading to spamming, publishing anonymous mass content bashing the brand, creating fake profiles, mass posting negative comments and reviews. Since reviews form a big part of creating the trust between the brand and the customers, leaving a horde of negative reviews necessarily creates distrust. Sometimes your ex-employees may hold a grudge and reveal their bitterness and slander your company publicly.
  •    With Photoshop and photo sharing websites several images may be so transformed or edited in a way which may degrade your brand’s image. Some may even use your brand’s logo and carry on some illegal or less than good activities which may again hurt your brand’s image.

Tips To Make Matters Better

Your company should follow through with their promises that they have made during their promotions and commercials to their customers. Otherwise, it’s likely to lead to a backlash in the form of negative comments, negative blog posts and negative customer reviews on your company’s page. Whatever information you are willing to publicize should never serve the purpose of threats or blackmails or false facts later on.

If you are looking to get a more personal training in online reputation control, you can register and apply for Black Box Coaching on, where you will be taught everything by Tyler Collins.





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