List of Careers that have high growth in upcoming years

List of Careers that have high growth in upcoming years

Global economy has troubled many workers when it comes to the future career prospects. However, certain skills have very good demand that translates into well-paying careers like careers in Hotel Management.

According to the online salary database websites and online survey, these jobs pay well throughout and also have lower unemployment levels than the present national average. These jobs are expected to grow with higher demand in the upcoming years.

Typical Degree required: Bachelor’s, plus certification

Salary: $137,000

Actuary works for the insurance companies. They calculate the likelihood of occurrence of catastrophe. Analysts will set the insurance rates. Actuaries also work for the other companies who help them in evaluating the risk as well as ensure the profitability during the potential losses.

IT Security Consultant 

Typical Degree required: Bachelor’s degree, plus optional certifications

Salary: $99,300

IT security consultants work for companies that concentrate on defending clients’ business networks as well as the information stored. Security consultants will handle various other tasks such as encrypting hard drives or securing Wi-Fi network.

Their job is to create smart and cost-effective strategies for the clients. They also earn certifications from firms such as Microsoft and Cisco, which can help in boosting the security consultants.

Physician Assistant
Typical Degree required: Master’s degree

Salary: $92,200
Physician assistants will work very closely with the MDs for diagnosing and treating patients in the clinics, hospitals, or private practices. Many of them serve as primary-care providers in the rural settings. In addition to the bachelor’s degree, physician assistants can complete 2-year PA program and they should pass the national exam to obtain the license.

They also take up exams for maintaining the license all the way through their career. They pursue the additional training for specialized areas like pediatrics or emergency medicines.

Marketing Consultant

Typical Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

Salary: $87,500

If you have positive and strategic mind, you will enjoy the marketing career. Marketing consultants implement strategies and help their firm in selling more products as well as services. Consultants are self-employed, and work with an advertising company.

Biomedical Engineer 
Typical Degree required: Bachelor’s degree

Salary: $81,100

Biomedical engineer’s goal is to improve the way of researching the clinical medicine. Bio medical engineers can create medical technology, medical instruments, artificial organs, drug therapies, and limbs. It will be the fastest growing field between 2010 and 2018.

Certified Financial Planner

Salary: $89,000
Typical Degree required: Bachelor’s degree, plus certification

A certified financial planner will help people to reach their financial goals. They also help organizations and people navigate their way via IRAs and other financial products.

Hotel Management

Salary: $90,000
Typical Degree required: Certification in Hotel Management

Hotel Management Jobs are the most sought after jobs in current economy. No matter how high or low the economy goes, people would always go to hotels and restaurants therefore this type of job is every green.

These career options are everlasting and highly paid jobs. They would stay even if the economy topples.




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