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List of Top Stock Exchanges in the World

List of Top Stock Exchanges in the World

A stock exchange refers to an online platform, where individuals buy or sell bonds, stocks and securities with the help of traders and brokers. Particularly, almost every one of us prefer to invest top stock exchanges in the world because of the fact that the exchange platform gives transparency in terms of exchange and pool of opportunities to earn huge profits. In this blog post, you will come to know the specialties of important stock exchanges list, as highlighted in the HQBroker Reviews.

New York Stock Exchange

First on our list of top stock exchanges worldwide is the New York Stock Exchange located in the Wall Street of the United States. This is the worldwide biggest stock exchange based on the value of trader.

  • As highlighted from HQBroker Reviews, the market has witnessed a huge capitalization of about $19.223 Trillion of USD.
  • NYSE is also one from the two stock exchanges owned by Intercontinental Exchange Group.
  • The 1997 mini-crash, 1929 Wall Street Crash and the Black Tuesday of 1987 are notable market events associated with NYSE in the United States.

NASDAQ Exchange and Trading System

NASDAQ Exchange and Trading System is another giant stock exchange of the United States and it comes in second number among the list of various top stock exchanges of the world. NASDAQ owned by NASDAQ INC Group also has a big market capitalization of about $6.831 Trillion USD. Furthermore, this is the first stock exchange to use online or electronic systems in the trading procedure.

Other Important Stock Exchanges

Besides the two giants, you will also get opportunity to earn profits from other important stock exchanges of the world. These are Japan Exchange Group with $4.485 Trillion as market capitalization, Shanghai Stock Exchange with the market capitalization of $3.986 Trillion and many more. In conclusion, stock exchanges have prime roles to not only boost the national economy, but also the international one.





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