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Looking Forward to Lumpsum Funds Against Annuities – Get your Calculations Right! 

Looking Forward to Lumpsum Funds Against Annuities – Get your Calculations Right! 

Have you been fishing for good genuine platforms to sell structured settlement payments? Dropping in with your queries at the Corona Capital Group is undoubtedly a right decision. There’s no dearth of factoring companies in the circle offering you top quotes against your annuities and structured settlements. One key factor that decides the fate of a company in this line of biz is its network of investors. Fortunately, at, you are exposed to countless investors, mostly big guns offering incredible amounts for your annuity payments. It’s no new name on the block. Roughly in business since 2002, Corona Capital was formally established in 2009. With a close-knit group of well-seasoned ace professionals, the company values the needs of every client. Regardless of how big or small the transaction is, Corona Capital watches out every transaction with eagle eyes.

Maintaining good communication play a pivotal role when selling annuities. As clients, hold-ups of any kind are the last things on the wish-list. Representatives must be on toes to deliver information (big or small) to their clients. Corona Capital never fails to impress clients with its 100% transparent internal policy. Whether your funds are cleared in a spry, held back or denied, every nitty-gritty news related to your transaction is communicated by our team. In a nutshell, there are tons of reasons why you should sell annuity payments with Corona Capital.

Even then, one must always get down to the brass tacks, learn about the rates offered by other leading factoring brands and finally shop from the one offering maximum money against annuities. While you are set to sell structured settlement payments to meet your fiscal needs of the hour, it is good to understand how much you should expect. Well, to begin with, there are a couple of factors you must be heedful about.

  1. The Date – All annuity payments are scheduled to dates of payment, agreed? The thumb rule – quicker your due date from the current date, higher is the worth of your annuity value. For instance, if your structured settlement annuity is due a decade later, the value will be quite abated. On the contrary, if colossal annuity funds are due in the nearest date, the cash out will obviously be more. To sum up, present value is better preferred than the time value of the money.
  2. The reputation of the Insurance Company – A lot depends on the annuity issuer’s rating. Little did you know that every insuring company is certified with a ‘strength’ rating. Wondering on what aspects are they rated? Well, it is the reputation of the brand and its capacity to power through all necessary financial obligations that decide the rating given. If the company processing your structured settlement has been accorded with ratings of “A” and “A-”, you can sit back and kiss goodbye to worries. Almost no good factoring companies agree on wrapping up transaction if the annuity issuing company scores poor rating. It works very much like people’s credit reports. So, sell structured payment for good money only if you’ve purchased the same from a top insurance issuing brand.

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