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Main Benefits of Sandstone in the Construction and Landscape Design Businesses.

Main Benefits of Sandstone in the Construction and Landscape Design Businesses.

Sandstone is widely used as a paving material for a variety of reasons. With tones similar to beach sand, it hasa natural, light coloured style which gives a very distinctive appearance to the area it has been used in.

Sandstones are sedimentary rocks that are mainly composed of tiny rock grains and minerals, particularly quartz and feldspar, two of the most common minerals present in the Earth’s crust. There are also a variety of impurities found in Sandstone that gives it a very natural earthy colour from white tones to beige hues. These natural variations give it a beautiful appearance which is commonly preferred by many over single tone surfaces.

Every piece of sandstone is unique, so, when this natural stoneis used as a paving material, you can be sure that there is no other area in the whole world that looks the same. This uniquenessgives and aesthetically pleasing appearance to any space, beating lesser quality synthetic materials with their “fake” look.

Available in a variety of shapes, designs, colours, sizes and finishes, Sandstone of finer quality is widely used in construction and landscape designing.  Sandstone is also a fairly durable stone, being able to last for a lifetime if properly cared for.

Common applications include:

  • Creating sandstone walls and foundation stones from larger blocks of sandstones
  • Decorative pieces made from sandstone can be found anywhere
  • Surround fireplace, wall cladding and covering walkways
  • They are also used as walling and flooring solution in chemical industries
  • Since they can easily be cut and carved, they are widely used in creating pillars, arches, garden furniture, fountains, and similar decorative elements.

High-quality Sandstone products are widely manufactured and exported globally to meet theirnever-ending demand. With so many benefits and applications, the craze for sandstones is not dying out anytime soon.

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