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Managing Digital Risk for Your Non-Profit Organization

As the 21st century has progressed, there have been a numerous amount of additions to our economy. Hiring by US businesses is currently at a record high and there are more industries now than there were in the past. Many of these industries have grown from the rise of Internet technologies and will only continue to grow even more in the future. One industry that has existed for a very long time, but still continues to thrive in today’s world is the non-profit sector. No matter the type of non-profit, working for these types of businesses will certainly aid humanity and will help the world to be a better place. Although non-profits are always striving to help, they are still at risk from cyber criminals who want to steal their data. Oftentimes, non-profits receive large donations for philanthropists, so they have immense amounts of sensitive financial data that could be stolen by hackers. For this reason, and other general safety reasons, non-profits need to protect themselves from digital risk.


Learning about Digital Risk

Digital risk is an entity that is extremely important to understand for all businesses, but especially ones that are dealing with large sums of money, like non-profits. The main tenants of digital risk can be broken down into three categories: data loss detection, online brand security, and managing attack surface reduction. Data loss detection is the concept that your startup needs to be regularly monitoring for exposed data in documentation, credentials and intellectual property. Defending online brand security involves protecting social media accounts, mobile apps, and identifying phishing scams by searching for impersonations of your brand. Finally, attack surface reduction is shielding your business’ IT infrastructure from attackers.


What Your Non-Profit Needs to Do to Defend Against Digital Risk

After learning about digital risk, it is important to learn how to actually defend your company from these major threats. There are numerous approaches for digital risk management, and if you truly want your company to be safe from cyber criminals, you have to be aware of the numerous methods for protecting your non-profit organization. The place to start is to identify your critical business assets by determining what type of sensitive data your business has. Next, you have to assess the possible threats to your business – try to think about what threat actors would be looking to steal from your business in order to determine potential risks. You should also be monitoring for unwanted exposure across numerous platforms including file-sharing sites, criminal forums, as well as the deep and dark web.

Once understanding and performing all of these tasks, you have to take action against digital risk. There are numerous ways to do this, such as attacking surface reduction, implementing network blocking actions, embedding security operations, updating risk and threat models, removing offending content from sites, and so much more. Learning what digital risk is and comprehending how to manage it are essential in ensuring that your business is safe from threats.


Final Thoughts

The world will only become more digitized as time progresses and in order to ensure that your non-profit organization is safe from digital risk, you need to learn how to effectively manage it. There are numerous methods for doing this, and by following the recommendations, you are sure to have a more secure business.

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