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Markets and Fair Ideas to Boost Your Product Sales

Markets and Fair Ideas to Boost Your Product Sales

As a new business owner, it may seem old-fashioned to promote your products at trade fairs or shows. After all, eCommerce has the greatest sales potential these days. Just last year, there was over $2.3 billion in eCommerce sales at online retail stores. However, this does not mean that trade shows are unsuccessful too.

There are still a lot of people out there who prefer to see products up close before purchasing them. Furthermore, this gives business owners the chance to connect with their audience and receive product feedback from them. Improvements can be made on products based on their comments.

Any small business or new business can successfully showcase their products at trade shows, fairs, and markets. It just requires some inside knowledge about which strategies are most effective in getting event attendees to notice your products. To help you get started, below are the top 5 ways you can showcase your company’s products successfully.

1) Pop-Up Kitchen

Pop-up kitchens typically attract the most people at markets and fairs. Even if your business does not normally sell food products, you can still design a pop-up kitchen at an event which has your company’s theme integrated into it.

As the crowds start gathering around your kitchen, they will be introduced to your brand while enjoying delicious food. You could even name the snacks and meals after some of your product names too.

2) Find Several Events

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, you shouldn’t just stick to one or two events per year. You need to diversify by attending multiple markets and fairs.

It may be worth your while to drive a distance to reach a wider range of people. To find these events, there are many online tools to help. For instance, you can search on Shopify Market Directory, Facebook Groups, Yelp, and

3) Sell Small Items

If you plan on generating a lot of sales at a market event, do not bring very valuable products. People may not be willing to shell out thousands of dollars on new products, especially if they’ve never heard of it before.

You can introduce these products and talk about them, but don’t expect to generate actual sales from them. Instead, bring smaller items to sell which are more affordably prices. This will allow you to establish a relationship with customers. And if they’re happy with your smaller products, then they’ll likely be willing to purchase your bigger, more expensive products in the future.

4) Create an Experience

Don’t just focus primarily on selling products to customers. You’ll want to create an experience and sell that experience to customers. This experience must be something visually unforgettable and possibly even interactive. You can have games, entertainment, raffles, videos, and anything else you can think of.

Of course, the design and setup of your booth are what brings customers to you in the first place. Use pop-ups, vibrant colors, attractive images, and so on. The aesthetics go a long way in helping you generate sales.

5) Bring a Credit Card Payment Machine / Processor

The most important thing you need to remember is to bring a credit card processor with you. This can be a traditional credit card machine or the latest smart payment technology which lets you scan credit cards on your smartphone to collect a customer’s payment.

Regardless of which type of credit card processor you use, just make sure it works properly before the event. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to find out the processor does not work when you have customers willing to purchase your products.

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