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Moving Loans for People with Bad Credit

Moving Loans for People with Bad Credit

Congratulations on landing that new job! So you have to move across the state to take it? That’s going to involve a moving company, deposit on an apartment or closing on a house. Oh, you’ve chosen an apartment? Great, now we can get down to the nitty-gritty.

Before you begin purging and packing, you need to sit down and budget this move. You don’t have enough money? You’ll need a personal loan, then.

Personal Loans

Don’t sweat it; lots of people use a personal loan to pay for a move. There are auto loans, mortgage loans for a house, and student loans. You can get a personal loan online to use for any purpose you wish.

Oh, you have less than perfect credit? There are certainly many uses for a personal loan including a loan for paying rent. Personal loans are unsecured, meaning you don’t need collateral. Lenders still want to know, though, that are responsible and have ways to save on rent.

Moving Costs And Rent Payments

Most companies don’t give you much toward moving costs, if they offer any at all. The brunt of the financing will fall on you. Get a coffee, and we’ll walk you through it.

Most lending companies want to see you won’t need help paying rent before allowing you to use a personal loan to pay for a move. They don’t need to know the specifics of you taking out a rental loan or even a rent loan within budget. They just need to see that you’re using the money both as a responsible adult and for a good reason.

So plan to ask for a figure combining a loan for paying rent plus use a personal loan to pay for a move. You might not need help paying rent right off the bat. You say you have ways to save on rent. This makes the finances and the moving easier for you, and that’s the point.

Benefits Of Personal Loans

Now the finances are covered, here are some of the benefits of taking out a rental loan:

  1. You can get personal loan online
  2. Less than A-List credit loans are quick, sometimes within hours on the same day you applied.
  3. Your credit score will improve with on time monthly payments.
  4. There are almost more lenders out there than borrowers. Make them come to you to compete for your business. You’ll get a better interest rate and terms.
  5. Speaking of interest rates, you’ll get a better rate when you use a personal loan to pay for a move than you would if you used your credit cards for the move.
  6. You have other options such as using emergency cash loans or using your tax refund. Personal loans have better pros than these choices.


You’re over 18. You’re an American resident. You have a bank account. You’re not in bankruptcy or had a foreclosure? Good.

It pays to know all you can about your credit. Lenders may tell you they don’t check credit, but they do. They have to know if the loan will be repaid. They need to know your income to debt ratio and if you have too much debt. Know your credit situation.

Knowing your credit score will prepare you for the interest rate on the loan. Low credit pays significantly more in interest, up to 35 percent. Good credit pays less interest.


So now we’ve walked you through how to use a personal loan to pay for a move. We can see your excitement, and can’t wait to hear how great are the new job and apartment. You need to know something important. There are lenders, and there are those who steer you toward the right lender for you.

These folks know which lender will work with your particular circumstances, finances, credit, and other considerations. They’ll do their magic with the lenders, and you’ll have the loan you need with terms with which you can live. The move will be a snap and the new job a breeze!

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