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Office coffee etiquette

Office coffee etiquette

Getting employees automatic coffee machines in the office is one of the most brilliant low cost employee motivation technique business owners and managers are subscribing to. However, should you, as an employee, have won the argument to get your office the needed coffee machines or get your employer to enlist the service of coffee machine rentals, then, there are certain requirements which are needed of you once the office coffee machines are delivered, installed and ready for use.

There are basic etiquettes required from workers in an office which is equipped with office coffee machines irrespective of whether the supply is automatic coffee machines or not.

With the perfect understanding of the importance of coffee in your daily work life, there are some basic etiquette to observe in a working environment especially regarding the office coffee machines in order to improve interrelationship and healthy relationship between employees.

After getting that much needed office coffee machine (see Pure Bean), here are some questions to be answered while striving to maintain the best professional relationship and office etiquette.

Doing the rounds?

This is an obvious issue to consider especially as this task will seem to be one which will be abandoned by most other employees within your firm. It is important to balance the need for a decent cup of coffee to start your day with the time taken to make one, however, to lessen the time taken, it is important to consider whether individuals within the office make their brews separately or someone volunteers to do the rounds. While offering to do the rounds, the next question to ask is how far the generosity extends as doing the rounds may prove stressful, time consuming and of course, energy sapping.

Should you be a novice to the process, doing the rounds entails collecting the cups, washing up and setting the brew then proceeding to serve and deliver to individual colleague? However, you are presented with several options including hiding your brew which will most likely not catch on for long or taking the high road by picking a day of the week to do the rounds. However, the best choice would be to get automatic coffee machines capable of making as much top-notch coffees as possible a day

Who restocks?

Restocking for the coffee bean, filter paper and other needed items may prove contentious especially among employees. Additionally, the question of whether or not employers make contributions towards running the office coffee machines arises. Another contentious argument is the brand or blend of coffee to choose for the office. It is important to have employees answer these questions amongst themselves especially the question of who is to hold when the supply runs out.

Coffee for clients

Most often than not, the office intern is in charge of fetching office coffee for the boss or clients as this makes a part of the good first impression the company is trying to sell. However, a long lasting impression can be created with the type of coffee choice and of course, the quality of the coffee brew. To create the perfect impression on clients, it is important to purchase high quality office coffee machines capable of delivering the best work in seconds.


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