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Online proofreading for a plethora of content types

Online proofreading for a plethora of content types

Whether you are writing an academic content or some other type of document, it is important to be perfect in terms of language, writing style, level of clarity and other aspects. However, in a busy schedule it becomes difficult to painstakingly go through the content again and again to detect mistakes and rectify them. Thus, it is better to rely on experts to proofread and edit the content accordingly. You can opt for online proofreading by Postcrib to get high quality swift proofreading and editing service without leaving your home.

The types of documents covered by the agency have been mentioned here.

Academic contents

Academic documents such as dissertations, research papers, essays and others are proofread and edited by the agency. Spelling and grammatical errors are detected and eliminated by the proofreaders of the agency. It is ensured that the content has an optimal level of clarity and does not appear boring and repetitive. The editors of the agency are well versed with the different referencing styles such as Harvard, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, APA and Turabian. This ensures that they are able to properly check the referencing style used in the content and make corrections if required.

Business contents

Business editors are available with the agency to proofread business documents. Business documents need to properly convey relevant information to the clients in a succinct manner. The agency ensures that unnecessary information is eliminated from the business document along with spelling mistakes and grammar issues. The business owner is thus free to attend to important business matters instead of reading business documents.

CVs and cover letters

A perfect CV/cover letter/resume is very important for job applications. Thus, it is better to go for online proofreading by Postcrib. The proofreaders of the agency make necessary changes in the document to properly convey the skills and experience level of the applicant to the prospective employer. Checks are also carried out for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is also important because such errors can create a bad impression in the minds of the employers. Emphasis is on improving the communication between the applicant and the employer.

Other documents

Manuscripts for books and screenplays and contents for ebooks are also proofread and edited by the agency. The editors specializing in various genres of books are available for proofreading manuscripts for books of all genres. The creativity of the author and the plot of the story are not touched.

Proofreading is done by native English speakers only. The contents are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. The contents are submitted with the clients only after various quality checks and reviews.


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