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Outdoor Party, Outdoor Refrigeration

Outdoor Party, Outdoor Refrigeration

Congratulations. You’re hosting a party in your lovely garden next spring and want to know how to keep food and drinks cool without having to trek from the garden, and your guests, to the kitchen and back again all day.

The event is to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary not to stage a SAS endurance training course. You know you can’t leave food in a shady spot, that’s not safe.

You ponder and decide that the obvious answer would be to move the fridge -freezer outside. That would work, wouldn’t it?

  • It involves a lot of stress (swearing) and exertion.
  • No extra cost though.
  • You should be able to cram the food in if you minimise day to day food but it’ll be a tight squeeze.
  • The food won’t thaw or warm if left on a worktop for a while. But how long is “a while?”
  • How do you know that you won’t unwittingly poison your guests by moving food from cool to warm to cool to warm atmospheres?
  • Can you use a domestic fridge outside?
  • Will the power cable be long enough?

Stop! The obvious answer is to leave your domestic fridge-freezer in place and to take advantage of fridge trailer hire and freezer trailer rental facilities.

Mobile refrigeration and freezers can be positioned in a garage, on the patio, even by the statue in the back right hand corner of the plot if you wish.

You can shield trailers behind the conifers or have them sitting attractively by the shed. You have a delicious amount of flexibility.

Freezer and fridge trailer hire units are on wheels which makes them easy to move.

The hire company will deliver the mobile refrigeration and freezer units and position them in your garden as required. They can be powered by mains or generator, are secure and insured.

The firm’s representative will set the trailer up, ensure shelves are at the right heights for you and they won’t leave site without the unit being ready for use.

Then, it’s over to you. Fridge trailers may be worked in so if you have a large amount of catering which can’t be done within a few hours you can prepare and store food without traipsing indoors.

The costs of fridge trailer hire and freezer trailer rental are competitive and service levels are high. Check reviews online to evaluate firms.

For example, Icecool Trailers in Newbury work in London, Berkshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, South Wales and the Midlands and have hotel groups and NHS trusts on their client list. That bodes well.

Moreover, the ability to enjoy your party and be an excellent rather than absent host will outweigh any cost consideration.

Fridge trailer hire and freezer trailer rental units are widely available in 2.4 and 3 metre sizes. No cramming of food or drink will be necessary. The fridge-freezer in the kitchen will silently thank you for not traumatising it!

Speak to professional mobile refrigeration experts today, give yourself peace of mind.



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