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Pedestrian Accidents: What You Should Know

Pedestrian Accidents: What You Should Know

In the event that you suffer an injury while you are walking on the road because of a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damages.

Every driver of a motor vehicle should avoid causing a collision with a pedestrian and should not create a dangerous situation for other road users, namely a pedestrian, a passenger on board the motor vehicle in question or the driver and any passenger on board another motor vehicle. 

Pedestrians also have rights even if they were not in the motor vehicle involved in an accident!

Levinson Law group have experience in cases involving injured pedestrians. They will be able to help you get fair compensation for the suffering, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, treatment costs, and so on. Most drivers seem reckless and most times abandon the victims to die. Thus law groups see to it that the victim is entitled to their compensation. If you are a victim of such case, you can contact a good lawyer right now and talk to one so that they can explain your rights. You can make an appointment for an initial consulting

Any car accident, whether it affects a pedestrian or another vehicle driver, is entitled to compensation proportionate to the seriousness of the case and the damage caused. 

Pedestrian Victim: Right to Compensation

Any pedestrian victim of a motor vehicle accident involving a motor vehicle has a right to compensation. However, this right does not apply if:

  1. The pedestrian accidentally caused the accident, for example, by suicidal behavior, suicide or attempted suicide.
  2. The victim has committed a fault such as crossing a highway of his own free will or any other case that could be considered the sole cause of this accident

An Accident Occurred, and a Pedestrian Was knocked Down: What to Do?

To Inform the Police: Even if the person victimized does not seem to present any injury. Police officers will draw up reports to determine who are the people involved, their degree of responsibility, and the damage to property. The bodily injury caused can also be noted by the emergency services (firefighters)

Making a Peaceful Report: This makes it easier to compensate the victims. The pedestrian must enter his or her contact information, the name of their civil liability insurance company and a description of the accident. The report and the report of the police must be sent to the insurance company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within a maximum of five days after the accident.

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