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Problems Faced by Contact Centers and How to Solve Them

Problems Faced by Contact Centers and How to Solve Them

Contact centers are the first line of defense when something goes wrong.

What usually happens when customers find out that the product they bought is faulty? Or that there is a wrong charge on their card? Or when their order was not delivered on time? They start calling contact centers frantically. The contact centers needs to be well-equipped in order to help the agents handle the issues quickly and effectively.

In recent years a lot has been done in the area of call center solutions. At the same time, contact centers around the world still experience issues, some of which we are going to discuss.

Small Budget

Lack of adequate budgeting is definitely one of the constant problems that are faced by many contact centers. Since the cost of hiring qualified agents is on the rise, contact centers are struggling even more to stay afloat.

Now, if you are running out of budget, reducing the staff number becomes inevitable. This may have negative impact on the overall image of your organization. Imagine that because of staff reduction customers had to wait over an hour just to get connected to an agent.  The impact would be devastating. So, rather than firing qualified agents, it is best to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it.

Find out the exact reason why there is an increase in customer inquiries. You can do this by using internal resources, or by engaging an external Genesys solution consultant. Miratech with its team of qualified Genesys PS consultants has a history of experience identifying the root cause of problems that give rise to call volume.

Another thing you can try is make it easier for the customers to personally find the information that they need, without requiring assistance of contact center agents. Creating an FAQ section or launching an easy-to-use self-help application can also help your company put a rein on the expenditures.

IT Problems

Quite often contact center agents have to use multiple software applications trying to provide quick service to the callers. This means that the agents need to have decent understanding of multiple systems – CRM, Workforce Management Tools, Predictive Dialers and so on. Naturally, it may not be easy for them to have excellent understanding of all the technologies involved.

Since contact center agents have to deal with a wide range of technological products at the same time and pay attention to multiple things, consequently they may struggle quite a bit when trying to help the in-callers.

This problem can be resolved by integrating all the necessary applications in a single unified interface. This way contact center agents will be able to concentrate on only one application and master it perfectly.


Investing into making contact centers leaner, more agile and responsive will undoubtedly benefit business organizations and have positive impact on their image.

Optimization of workflows can be done by integrating Genesys solution consulting into the call center setup.

Miratech is one of the companies that can take care of this job. Its qualified Genesys consultants will do the analysis and optimize the call center workflows and make it more productive.


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