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Protect Your Assets with Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Protect Your Assets with Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial alarm monitoring can be useful for all different types of commercial buildings or businesses. Most companies that offer commercial alarm monitoring also offer residential alarm monitoring. The reason that these companies offer both commercial and residential monitoring is that they are equipped to do so and it also expands the companies customer base. Commercial security systems make a safer working environment for a company’s employees, provides the business with peace of mind, and it also lowers the company’s insurance rates.

Security Monitoring For Small, Medium, And Large Business

If a business owner has a small to medium-sized business that consists of small office space they may be able to get away with using an off-the-shelf home security system for their security system needs. The large companies are different because they have a lot more employees, a larger physical location, and high valued assets such as very expensive machine equipment or a massive amount of computers, etc. These types of locations require more sophisticated commercial alarm monitoring. The large companies’ commercial security systems will require professional installation and 24-hour monitoring. The commercial security systems for large companies do a range of different functions and they are remote status alerts and management, premises access control, energy management of HVAC systems, video surveillance, and fire, heat, water, and/or entry alarms.

The Products Offered For Commercial Security Systems

The product packages that are provided for commercial security systems are known as sensors. These sensors are what is controlling all of the monitoring key points. If the company needs to exceed the sensor or the company given package capacity. The company will need to purchase a higher-priced package, move up to a higher capacity, or combine smaller packages. If these solutions are not efficient for increasing sensor coverage the company will need to reevaluate the number of sensors that are required to protect their business assets.

When a company is deciding on what commercial security system provider to use they can choose from national alarm and security companies or they can choose from local and regional security companies. The business can also choose a company that carries a single exclusive product line or the business can choose a company that offers systems from multiple manufacturers.

The Different Technologies Associated With Commercial Security Systems

In this generation, smartphones have multiple different uses and are considered standard business tools. Commercial security systems currently offer the ability for individuals to control the security system from the smartphone and they can also receive status updates to their smartphone or tablet. Commercial security system companies also allow authorized personnel to access their account through a website portal from any security internet or cellular connection. High-definition video is also used by commercial security systems because they are high megapixel cameras that provide fine details.

The high-definition video also allows the camera to get an up-close and personal shot because they have zoom-in capabilities. The high definition video cameras also have frame-by-frame playback for pinpoint precision. The more sophisticated security monitoring systems can send scheduled crystal clear video clips via email.

The reason for these video clips is so the proper authority can view these clips for themselves and they can determine if there is a need to dispatch the police, firemen, or other emergency responders. This feature also decreases the frequency of false alarms and the business still maintains the highest level of security to the premises.

There are great commercial security systems available to business owners of any size. The larger businesses just must do the research and pick the proper security system that fits their needs because they have more assets and employees they need to be protected.

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