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Quality customer service is the key to business growth- Tips from BWC Management

Quality customer service is the key to business growth- Tips from BWC Management

A lot of business owners get caught up in analysing the data and the numbers. While this is an important aspect of running and growing a business, it can be short sighted if this is all you focus on. At the end of the day, behind those numbers and the data are real people. Real people are making the decisions to use your product or service.

One of the quickest ways to growing a business is making sure that your customer’s needs are looked after. You may love certain aspects of your business offering, but nobody else really derives much use from. It is easy to put on blinders and not take into account what your customers want.

There are a number of different areas of your business that you can focus on becoming more customer orientated.

  1. Optimising the customer experience

Whether you are a product or service based business, you want to make sure that you are delivering a quality end experience. Whether this is making them more efficient, saving them money or putting a smile on their face, you should ensure that your target experience is being executed upon.

You want the expectations of the customers to be met or exceeded. Any other end result will not be good, as they will likely not use your product or service again and may even bad mouth it.

If you exceed their expectations, they will likely become brand advocates and shout from the rooftops about the great experience they received. Word of mouth is still the most powerful growth strategy in business, all of which derives from how you make your customer feel.

  1. Quality customer service

Whenever you are dealing with customer son a one to one basis, you should also focus on making this process as smooth as possible. With so much competition in most sectors, something as seemingly simple as having a smart and kind customer support team can be the difference between winning and losing a customer.

This includes dealing with issues and questions in-person, as well as through social media and other forms of communication. Solving issue and providing as much relevant information as possible is essential to keeping customers loyal. If you go above and beyond to keep them happy, they will be customers for life.

  1. Marketing

You need to make your marketing as relevant to your typical customer as possible. You need to step into the shoes and see what experience they are getting from your advertising campaigns. Are they being inundated with call to actions and product pushes?

You want to ensure that all of your marketing materials are using the type of language the target customer uses and that the content related to what they care about. At the end of the day, your marketing materials need to get across that you care about your customers and that every transaction with your business is a win-win.


As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can make your business more focused on the customer. This will help you growth figures as the customers will be happy and will spread the word with their friends, family and acquaintances about their positive experience. Over time, this is a powerful snowball effect and can lead to dramatic improvements in your growth levels.

Your marketing efforts should always be scrutinised on a regular basis by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Sometimes when you take this step back you can see some stunningly simple yet extremely important tweaks you can make to dramatically increase your conversions.

Every time you are communicating with a customer is another chance to further develop your relationship with them and to build up a sense of trust and loyalty. The compounding effect over time leads to a powerful brand with a strong customer base.

Anthony Grant, Senior Partner and Wine Consultant

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